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Sedona Sunset

Ever have one of those weeks that seemed to be very busy, but at the end of it, you haven’t actually completed much? Yeah. I did get the third fichu (or shawlette, scarf, kerchief) design off, soaked, blocked, and modeled. Introducing…Sedona Sunset

Fichu 1 and 2 are here and here
I was first drawn to the deep saturated colors (Mixed Berries #608 and Deep Sea #605,) but the fiber content really sealed the deal. 20% Alpaca. 65% Superwash Wool. 15% Nylon. It’s surprisingly luxurious for sock yarn. This 22″ x 56″ shawlette weighs merely 121 grams (or 435 yards.) Only complaint: it took over 10 rinses to get the bath clear! Good thing the hand dyed colors didn’t fade. A big thanks to my Raveler friend Vicky–I’d have given up on this baby if it weren’t for you wanting to make one in sock yarn. It took much longer to knit in smaller-size needles (US 4). Unlike other two prototypes, this one dragged for a long time from start to finish. Frankly, I had no idea why…maybe the reverse stockinettes, garter rows, moss stitches, or each the starbusrt/maple leaf stitch I invented…first half of the knit-on lace took even longer to knit. When I got to second half of the edging, it soared swiftly. This was no love-at-first-sight. But, it grows on you. It’s my new favorite–desirable textures achieved, yet light without airy appeal of lacework. The unexpected outcome is well worth it. Written pattern is in the work.

I really love shawls. If you often wear a sleeveless evening dress or a top with pants or skirt, a lace shawl can give you some warmth, pizazz, a bit of dazzle, and a feminine touch. It’s amazing how much warmth is provided by wearing something light over your arms. When going out for that special lunch or dinner, a shawl also adds a bit of formality. You can never have too many shawls!

Now I’ve shared a knitting project as promised. May I show you what I spun up earlier in the week–800-yard, 2-ply Foxgloves merino/tussah by Wolf Creek. This had been hanging over my head since Sock Summit. Granted, spinning up 1600 yards of cobweb singles, out of 4 ounces of roving, is no easy task. I am amazed the amount of time it took me to finish. It’s time to look into a lace flyer or perhaps even a great wheel or walking wheel (heehee.) Check back and see what this handspun morphs into–I am very excited about its prospect 😀

Lessons learned: If you don’t want to lose any fiber, 1) DO NOT Andean-ply cobweb singles. 2) Label already plied lace that can pass as a single!!!!

There will be another shawl coming off the needles very soon…maybe tomorrow?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!


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  1. Love the shawl! Is it knit or crochet edging? Added or started with edging as first rows? If added would you consider sharing the pattern?


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