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First Try at Navajo Ply

I’ve been doing a lot of spinning here lately–preparing for a dye class with Amy King at Spin Off Autumn Retreat (SOAR 2009) in 10 days–and have come up with some pretty significant changes in the way I do my plying. I got the knack half-way in the plying. It’s the best part of spinning experience thus far. What I learned about plying at Judith MacKenzie McCuin’s workshop in August helped tremendously. The yarn is well-balanced. Though it’s inconsistent especially in the first half, I am very pleased with the result and the yardage obtained out of the 3-ounce roving.

Navajo-plying works soooooo well and therapeutic that I would ply this way all the time. Sadly, lace yarn is much better in 2-ply than it’s in 3-ply. And you know how much I love lace-knitting!

This 3 ounce, 159-yard hank will be made into a beanie and dyed blue hues for Cherie Harris whom I got my Traddy a couple of weeks ago, in memory of her loving mother, the spinner, knitter, and weaver.
Here is a helpful tutorial on Navajo plying:

Unlike Sarah, I draft with my right while the left is the stable hand. I’m so excited to learn about Designing in Spinning from Sarah Anderson in a couple of week at SOAR.
Next trial would be plying on the fly…that would be awesome…no more waiting…instant gratification! Fine-single spinning would never be dull again. Try it! I love LOVE this method of spinning and plying.

Don’t worry…there will be knitting post, next, assuming I am not too sick with the flu–so blame my kids and hubby for this!

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!


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