A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Stripes are one of the easiest ways to add color to your projects, especially if you’re a beginner to color work. My favorite is to knit simple stripes, from changing colors for every few rows to weaving in the yarn tails as I go. Sneak peek of my latest design project, SugarPlum Sideways:

Here’s another awesome knit by my 13-year-old daughter–and her first lace knit. Talia, complimentary of Knitty Spring 2008 edition, is well written, easy to follow, and also a load of fun to knit.

Once you’ve done the first 18 rows, it’s a breeze! The stockinette areas are broken up with boootiful scroll lace, garter and ribbing to keep it interesting…nice curvey back and very flattering front. The attention to detail for shaping is fantastic. It’s a little tight but nothing the magical blocking couldn’t fix. Though I haven’t made one yet, I love it–sides and back all knitted in one, no seams, and no second side syndrome. Only seams are the shoulders. She finished it in two days but took her weeks to find the perfect buttons.

Next up will be some spinning progress. Stay tuned.

Happy creating!


Comments on: "Talia Lace Vest and More Design Project" (2)

  1. The vest is gorgeous. I saw that on the table tonight and didn't get a chance to ask about it. I can't believe she knit it in two days- sounds like another Sarah in the making!

  2. What a budding talent! This vest is beautiful! Great work – and more to be expected from her, no doubt. She will develop her own style and maybe have her own blog with time? All the best!

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