A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Burrrrr! I think cold snap really got to me today. I’m such a CA wimp. It’s perfectly fine if it’s winter and I am skiing downhill or cross-country…but, not in the beginning of October. It’s time to plant those amaryllis bulbs.

As promised yesterday, here is a finished project–my Purple Ageratum Fichu that has taken a few weeks to finish.

Though I had to rip the lace pattern out a few times, the end result is just what I was looking for. It’s the yarn that attracted me first, then color next, and design last. Purple Ageratum will be a comfortable fichu for anyone who doesn’t care for wool to wrap in, around the shoulders, or on the lap. This is a really cute wrap that is very simple in design and can be worn in many ways as shown–suitable for the chilly mornings.

Written pattern is in progress, but will be slowly produced. There will be many distractions because Christmas is only months away. Besides, my teenager thinks that I can knit faster than she. Therefore, I must knit her a skull hat before Halloween. In less than 12 hours, she’d already changed her mind–now a Robot hat. She is definitely a woman!

Beta 3 for the fichu in sock yarns failed miserably. Everything was conceptually sound and should work. But, it didn’t. I am still baffled. Instead, I have started again in a different design:

Happy creating!


Comments on: "FICHU PROMINENT: Purple Ageratum" (2)

  1. Another beautiful piece off your needles. Please tell me that isn't snow in the background?!?!

  2. Your wonderful designs and projects combined with that beautiful in-house model! – an unbeatable team.
    I love those lavender colors. The fichu certainly promises warmth despite its delicate lacy looks. And you will need a warm little shawl by the looks of it… snow in early October?

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