A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Anyone knows a good 10-step program??? Truthfully, I haven’t been doing as much spinning or knitting as I would like. I don’t know how it happened (I swear)-–I had stopped by Ravelry one night to see if there was anything going on and read a few posts with eye candies (antique flax wheels) by some very kind, helpful souls. I followed a link to craigslist, then decided to hit local craigslist. Nothing interesting there, but since I was in an investigating mood, I thought hmmm, I wondered if affordable used wheels were more accessible in the Valley, Portland area, and Oregon coast. So, I wandered on over there and took a look…

Big Mistake (or Big Jackpot, take your pick!) There was a Pipy Saxony for sale (previously blogged here.) I don’t know what hit me. Before I knew it, I contacted the seller, met her at the Borders’ parking lot, test drove the wheel, wrote her a check on the spot, and that’s how the story went (so I thought!)

A weeks later, on my way to the coast (north of Lincoln City) for our annual family retreat, I convinced hubby to make a 6-hour-round-trip detour (to/from Salem) to Warren and met up a nice lady who was handling her aunt’s estate sale. This is my first of many restorations. After spending two weeks of intensive cleaning, waxing, polishing, tinkering with sanding down the bobbin and resolving take-up troubles, replacing double-drive bands, and repeated applications of lubrication to everything that moves, this unidentified swan princess finally soars swiftly.

Anyone may shed some light on the history of this castle wheel? And its maker?
Wheel obsession did not cease with the restored upright above. My heart went pitty pat after drooling over my friend Akiko’s Wendy and Poly recently. I was merely a step behind another Ravelry friend two weeks ago to get a hand on a Poly listed on Craigslist in Austin, Texas, for $100. Yeah. I’m still pinching myself. But, this Wendy is an utter beauty–another swan’s grace in my eye–and fits on the seat of most vehicles belted in.

No maker stamp was found…but all looks to be authentic.
I actually was fairly certain I’m a spindle kind of girl; but, these wheels are sooo purdy I just had to have not one, not two, not three. The Ashford Traditional was offered on local Craigslist last night. Finally, I don’t have to drive far…and it’s available. It’s local. It’s mine! The versatility of this wheel, given the bevy of attachments available for it, is undeniable. Aesthetically, this is an absolutely beautiful, classy/classic wheel, the KitchenAid Mixer of spinning wheels. All I need to make this whole is finding a jumbo flyer, 3 missing rod for the lazy kate, and correcting the scott tension connection. This handsome prince is already spinning fine lace as it is.

a bit smaller than standard Saxony wheels and the price is a steal! Best of luck to your new adventure in Argentina, Cheri.

…actually, LeAnn’s earlier edition of a handsome WeePeggy makes five–on layaway plan through Pam–a Christmas present from hubby (he doesn’t know it yet…evil cackle.) I will get a snapshot next Saturday when I’m at Pam’s. I am officially a multi-wheel owner who is fascinated by older wheels, like Toika and Great Wheel (just to name a couple) and the tales they told. They look so innocently simple, but they spin like greased lightning. These wheels are truly magnificent spinners. They were made to spin a particular range of yarns, and every part is finely engineered for doing that, including the size and configuration of hooks, whorls, flyers and orifices. So now, here I am head spinning, my wallet is much slimmer. I am wondering when this obsession will cease before hubby pulls the plug or I find myself a job. And, don’t forget, SOAR is just around the corner. I am definitely not over yet. YIKES (I’m so excited!!!)

Have you noticed what’s missing? If you’ve followed my spinning adventure since April, you will notice my first wheel, Fricke 160ST, was not mentioned in the ever-growing flock. It’s quite simple. I put together an incredible bundle that no one could resist and, within minutes, off it went to a local Christian homeschool mom two days ago.

Ooooh, back to the 10-step program…
Step 1 – buy fiber
Step 2 – draft
Step 3 – spin
Step 4 – admire my handiwork
Step 5 – ply
Steps 6-10 repeat
Almost forgot…the step about buy another wheel.

And I do have a finished knitting project to share next. For now, I’m leaving you with this COOL video of Andy Pankso’s stunningly beautiful all-glass piece of art. Yes, that’s a fully functioning spinning wheel made of hand blown glass. Be still my heart:

Happy creating!


Comments on: "It’s Official…I’m Addicted!" (1)

  1. Wow! That glass wheel so amazing! I'd heard of it but I love watching the video of it actually working…wouldn't it be great if it was at SOAR? I want to see it in person!

    Maybe we can start a support group for the spinning wheel addicted at SOAR!
    : )

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