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Treasure Hunt…I Scored!

So I was driving along back to MIL’s home in Springfield, OR, after watching Aliens in the Attic and Orphan on Sunday…and saw a sign: Estate Sale. I can’t recall when the last garage/estate sale I’ve been to since we moved to Oregon. But, what the heck! The girls and I felt adventurous, stopped in, and said Hello to MIL’s neighbor. For the first time, I actually hit a jack pot. For whopping $4, I took home this incredibly clean tin that I was connected with the moment I saw it

My other MIL decorates her Sunriver home with all sorts of oldies/goodies like this–so, off he went…to a great home!

an educational and entertaining game

I loaned one to a friend years ago but never saw again.As one said to me What goes around comes around,I am thankful for another chance to enjoy it with my kids and friends.

and a wooden stool that has been given a complete scrub of Citrus-Shield Howard Premium Paste Wax (holy smoke…that’s a mouth-ful.)

perfect compliment to the antique wheel I picked up last week in Warren, Oregon en route to Chautaugua, our annual family retreat (more on that later on this blog.)

There will be plenty of catching up later. Now, back to packing and loading up the van so we can get our 13-year-old home in time for Adventuring tonight at church…Happy creating!


Comments on: "Treasure Hunt…I Scored!" (1)

  1. Oh what lovely finds!
    It almost seems as if one bought history – old things – and so well preserved – are true treasures.

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