A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Well, I finally blocked another lace. It went from 4 to 5 stars once finished. In the whole scheme of things, I really liked knitting Lumiruusu and working with my soft fine handspun alpaca, plied with llama/wool blend though it seemed to take a long time to get it done. I love it, especially with irridescent glass beads and Swarvowski bicone crystals. It may go to a local fundraiser for helping a breast-cancer friend.

I’m trying to remember when I first saw this lace…the project would probably have remained buried in my queue if I hadn’t decided one day to search Ravelry to see what to knit with my handspun. I knew immediately what I wanted to make with this lovely yarn when I saw it.

From sheep to shawl:

CAST ON: July 23, 2009
CAST OFF: August 28, 2009 (Actual Knitting–about 5 days)
PATTERN: Lumiruusu aka Snow Roses by Altocumulus
YARN: 952 yarns of my own handspun Alpaca, plied with llama/wool blend from Baabaara’s Wild & Wooly.
NEEDLE: US 5, 6, and 8
MEASUREMENT: 80″ wing span x 32″ center neck down
MODIFICATION: It’s a terrific lace, wonderful flawless design–different than those of a traditional triangle shawl knitting from center neck down. Nothing changed except for adding beads and crystals. The lace is easy to memorize because the design just flows smoothly, naturally. I highly recommend this lace.
08.29.2009 Spun up 14 grams, 54 yards each of Llama/Wool and Alpaca and plied together. Added 24 6mm Swarovski Silk Bicone to Chart 4 Row 29 where desired. Russian Lace Purl Bind off in Size 8 needles–still not stretchy enough (note for future experiment.) 5.5 yards left from handspun.
08.28.2009 Switched to Size 6 needles on Row 3 Chart 4. Used up 168 glass beads and 49 4mm Smoked Topaz Swarovski bicones for Chart 4. Ran out of handspun after Row 27. So close…back to spinning more llama/wool and alpaca singles and ply.
08.26.2009 Increased 96 stitches (24×4) to 395 stitches just before Chart 3. Used up first 2-ply spun 1/2 way thru Row 5 of Chart 3. Spun up and 2-plied 75g of 346 yards of blend. It should be enough to cover remaining of project. Adding Size 6 glass beads to Chart 3 center motifs. Need 648 beads for Chart 3.
08.16.2009 Clue 2 ended with 299 stitches on needles. Clue 3 4 repeats knitted…3 more to go ’til Edging.
07.27.2009 Failing to meet the deadline, I turned in the extra hank of handspun for exhibit under Fiber Art. Now, I am idling with this lace after 260 yards of first hank ran out…until after the fair :0( The piece measures to 13.5″x36″ after 2nd increase and 7 repeats. The pattern is knitted top center down but doesn’t increase every RS row–very interesting indeed.
07.23.2009 Started this to knit while hanging out with Pam in Sunriver Craft Day. Intended to exhibit at fair.

It was a fun knit and I would consider knitting a few more if I didn’t have other laces in my queue…or already in the work. Lace captures for me a feeling of a slower and simpler time and provide me with a connection to an era that has passed away not only for me but for our society at large. I realize that I’ve romanticized times past and seen third world countries. I know what living without modern conveniences is like growing up in Hong Kong. But there is something in the way we live now that has lost something important too. The hustle and bustle associated with much of how I live my daily life and observe to be the same with others, lacks a contemplative element that enriches the soul. And that is why I knit and wear anachronistic laces. I love lace!

Summer just kind of glides into fall…and scarves/wraps are the perfect way to lead into the season. What’s on your creativity plate?

Enjoy the last vestiges of Summer and, until next time, be well. Happy creating!


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