A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Post Sock Summit…

I’m still in a daze–not sure what to do with myself since it’s been over for a week. Thanks to Mary Reynolds, for posting on Ravelry Sock Summit thread and Mary Alice Wagner for opening up her home to me. I’m off to Hood River tomorrow for a four-day workshop with the one and only Judith MacKenzie McCuin!!! It’s unplanned, unscheduled. I’m tinkled pink to see Judith again…since Sock Summit. This time, I will spend four full days in a room with Judith to learn everything my little brain can retain on spinning, plying, and dyeing. As I suspect, there will be more fibery goodies to play and bring home. So I’ll check back over next weekend with a full report and hopefully some pictures too. (SHHHH…I’m not even feeling a bit guilty leaving the children plus a friend’s teen with hubby for a week visiting inlaws and friends!)

Meanwhile, leaving you with a little bit of spinning

yummy soft 150-yard singles, 1 ounce of romney/cashmere blend…still thinner than intended (see earlier post here.)

My handspun Merino/Tencel by Wolf Creek comparing to STR Silk Thread II (in ST-2 colorway)

….some fair-isle Bandelier–two-at-a-time–in not only double-point needles

but in two circulars…and magic loop…I like my stranding clean and neat…and sure like to keep my project fun and skills stay sharpened

…what life would be without some pretty handspun lace

To answer Carmen’s (aka Secretgirl on Ravelry) question on Donna Rocca (here and here)

Can you help me out with clue 3, I don’t get the part that says “knit after this principle until you have only 12 stitches on your needle.” Does that mean I have to repeat the chart until I have 12 stitches left on my needle?? How do I knit the last row with only 12 stitches??

I had the same question initially. Let me see if I can put it in words clearer. Just picture you are knitting a wedge, by knitting short rows–on Purl rows, turn when you reach the shaded part. Except for the first short-row turn, (mine was 16 stitches for Row 4), there are 9 more stitches unknit on every Purl-row. As you execute the last short-row turn of forming a wedge, you have remaining 12 stitches, knit per pattern. In my case: K3 YO SK2P YO K4 YO SKP. It’s my take. However, another thought came over me about just leaving the 12 stitches unknit for a main-color edging/border. I figure it’s only 12 stitches. If I am wrong, I don’t hesitate to tink 12 stitches. This is a mystery after all. Hope this helps.

…wrapping it up is a little progress on another handspun Lumiruusu Snow Roses

Better spin up some more 2-ply lace in llama/wool and alpaca…it’s close to finish line.

Happy creating!


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  1. The scarf you're knitting looks so great now. A beautiful color.
    Also, the wool you show simply beautiful ….

    Many greetings,

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