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Without Further Ado…

It’s not a swatch.

It is, without a doubt, a full fledged Mia Bella Shawl, a gift-giver’s delight.

many, many beads…1480 Size 10 & 200 Size 6 irridescent glass beads embellishing the glorious edge
CAST ON: April 21, 2009
CAST OFF: August 2, 2009 (Ten days of actual knitting excluding extended hiatus)
PATTERN: Tuch/Shawl MiaBella, from Knitting Delight. I can’t recommend Birgit’s patterns enough. Though mainly in charts, there are plenty of support through Ravelry and Yahoo Group for tricky bits. Her designs are creative, beautiful and purely elegant.
NEEDLES: Clues 1-6 US Size 5 Addi Lace Circular Needles; switched to US Size 6 for Clues 7 & 8 unintentionally.
MATERIAL:Cascade Yarn Alpaca Lace, #1407, true 2-ply lace weight alpaca. I love the colorway and feel of Baby Alpaca running through my fingers. It may just be my next favorite at affordable price.
MEASUREMENT: 29″x78″ blocked. While one of my Ravelry friend complained hers turned out ginormous, I am very pleased with my outcome.
TECHNIQUES: Knit, Purl, K2tog, SSK, and Yarn Over
MODIFICATION: 1) Gartered tab cast-on rather than casting on 8 stitches per pattern. It makes it more uniformed as the edge expands. 2) I was stumped at panel setup for days. After a couple of fault start, I finally decided to tweak it to work so I can move on and knit up this beautiful lace–K0K K30 K40 K40 K40 K40 K2 K0K. 3) In Clue 2, Row 65, V stitch is placed where ++ indicated K0K K3 ++…Pattern Repeats…++ K2 K0K; Row 67, yarn over is placed same vicinity as mod made on Row 65 previously. Move Stitch Markers one stitch to the right beginning of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Repeats on subsequent rows to keep repeat to right and left selvage edges aligned. 4) Should have decreased extra selvage stitches between repeats to be aligned sooner starting in Clue 2. 5) ERRATA (may just be on my KAL early version): Rows 93 and 107 next to Left Selvage Edges, double decreases should be SSKs.
COMMENT: Totally love the way 3/2 stitch works. There were 800+ stitches on needles before crochet bind-off. I knit this shawl, just a little bit more than half a circle, as part of a KAL on Ravelry…it was a lot of fun! There is nothing about this shawl that I do not like–perfect for cooler, summer mornings. It weighs nothing…only air with tiny threads wrapped round it. It is beyond beautiful. It is, after blocking, that I always feel most like I’ve waved a magic wand or worked a trick.

I find knitting remarkable, but nothing more than this enormous and beautiful lace that took ten days (excluded a long hiatus) and a small bit of my sanity is made from one continuous piece of thread. One long filament, wrapped and twisted around itself in a way that means if you were to pull on one end of it…the whole lace would come unravelled in a heartbeat. It’s magic.

It’s finished just in time for Donna Rocca šŸ˜€

We are heading out for a couple of days’ camping with some friends and get away from the extended heat wave. Be assured knitting and spinning adventure will continue. There will be some Show n Tell on last week’s fair exhibits later in the week.

Happy creating!


Comments on: "Without Further Ado…" (2)

  1. Your MiaBella turned out beautiful!! The color is one I 'want' to knit a shawl in one day. I keep thinking my mom might request something knitted and purple is her favorite color and it will be something for her. So far no family members have requested anything so I am only knitting for myself as I don't want to spend my time knitting for someone and them complaining that they got a 'handmade' gift that they don't want. Too much time spend when I can go spend $20 or $30 on something that they can return if they don't like it. BTW, where did you get your Cascade Alpaca Lace? Vicky aka enabling-ewe

  2. Hello,

    Your Mia Bella is simply beautiful. Wishes you a lot of fun to wear.

    I've made it even to knit

    Much greetings,

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