A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Lace mojo has returned after long two months’ hiatus…Just because I am psyched to be a part of my favorite European lace designer Birgit Freyer’s Donna Rocco Knitalong started yesterday.

So, on Wednesday, I picked up Mia Bella while the kids were swimming outdoor. Knitting in natural lighting did the trick. My eyes were not strained…very pleasant, enjoyable…how I missed my lace!

Clue 7 completed with edging/finishing clue next
A new experience for me in this Knitalong: Spin as I go.

Singles=53 wpi; 2-ply=30 wpi
I spun up and plied on drop spindles so far 368 yarns of 2-ply Merino/Baby Camel/Tussah spun up–little shy of a third needed for the lace. How cool is that. I am on Cloud 9.
The merino fiber blooms after soaked so the stitchery won’t be as clearly defined, but, I am okay with it. It’s worth the connecting therapeutic experience, knitting with handspun.

Happy creating!


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