A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.


Where do we get ideas is the question I ask more than any other. There is no single answer. Ideas come at any time and in the strangest places. It’s true sometimes inspiration strikes out of the blue, maybe one of those sleepless middle-of-the-night flashes of genius that when you think about it again in a cold night or day, isn’t always quite as impressive or indeed entirely practical. Not for my daughter…Her needles are on fire. Check out this new fashion trend.

The lace part where decrease-shaping began doesn’t line up…not sure if it’s her design modification or not…it sure looks interesting! Complimentary lace pattern by Crissa, in Lion Brand Cotton Purple and US Size 6 Circular needles
Spinning has continued to monopolize majority of my time. Rather than knitting needles and fabulous soft yarn these hands hold a spindle and roving for hours on end.

I’ve been completely spoiled rotten lately. So much love and generosity has come my way and boy do I feel like one lucky woman. A bag-full, 8 ounces, of mystery roving from my friend Kimberley’s flocks years ago…she thinks it’s Romney with some cashmere…soft, rich in grease, and superb to spin with once I find the best whorl setting and tension to set it in. Spinning other than lace weight is a challenging dilemma I acquired unintentionally. More spinning and experimenting…woolen method is giving me undesirable fit!

Andean-ply first batch, 18 wpi/10 grams, sweet 14 yards to start this wonderful spinning journey. Whorl Setting/Scott Tension: 19.4:1/Coil extended 2.5″
4-oz of Monica Merino, Baby Camel, and Tussah roving from Pam of Baabaara Wild & Wooly.

I spun 500 yards of cobweb singles on drop spindles in a day, 1.5 oz of roving…holy smoke! Of which, 100-yard single was Andean-plied. It’s my first perfect balanced, 26-34 wpi plied hank. (It’s dark and rich as shown in 3rd, 4th, and 5th pictures.)
BUT in a compromise that in my mind makes total sense, I am pleasantly knitting Lumiruusu (aka Snow Roses, free pattern, originally in Ulla, and now available in English.) It has a progression of simple, somewhat mindless, geometric patterns that keep my interest. It’s knitted from center top down but doesn’t increase every right-side row as in most triangular designs. I love this method. The handspun Llama/Wool/Alpaca 2-ply lace yarns chosen for the project, though a bit fuzzy, is heaven to knit with…soft as a sheep.

…now half way through and out of 260-yard of yarn, I realize the second skein is at the fair exhibit all this week! Oh well…on to another WIP–lace or modular?

Happy creating!


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