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Going to Fair

I am t-i-r-e-d. Bone tired. The crunch is over (at least for now…until Crook County Fair in two weeks.) We spent most of yesterday tagging handmade stuff to be in Deschutes County Fair opening next Wednesday as instructed in the premium book

Attach 3 x 5 card indicating fiber in warp and weft, and any other information you may wish to share with the judge and the public (technique, pattern, used, etc.)

All articles should be labeled on the reverse side with exhibitor’s name and address. This label is to be covered with masking tape until completion of judging.

…only to learn that we have to use this tag for each of our entries when we got there.

Thankfully, the veteran ladies there were friendly, understanding, comforting, and helpful.

From planning nothing to 30 class entries, in 5 different departments, over 8 sections, between my two girls and me!!!! PHEW, I am taking a day off 😀

Last night, I andean plied up last bit of 4-oz Smokey Merino Tussah Silk spun on lace spindle. It was very soothing, great way to wind down after a chaotic day at the fairground. Don’t forget to tuck and keep track of the free end of the singles yarn into your watch band or cuff…You’ll be glad that you did latter on!

Gently pull the yarn off your middle finger. Don’t lose that ring that was formed around the middle finger, but, let it sit by your wrist; then slip the bracelet of singles around until the ring is on the back of your wrist.

Now take the two ends of the yarn and attach them to your spindle, or wheel, and proceed to ply. The yarn will neatly feed off your wrist as you need it.

To fully understood it, you really need to give it a try–a really nifty technique I absolutely LOVE!

167 yards of 2-ply lace, 28 wpi

The Mystery Batt 2-ply, spun on spindle, was washed, dried, and measured…just in time to turn into fair. Details will be amended after fair next week.

Kumihimo braiding, sewing goodness, and spinning away in wool heaven…life is good.

Happy creating!


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  1. Sarah, a wonderful post and the ending is uplifting – gave me a real boost! Your projects are so beautiful and a joy to look at.

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