A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Tomorrow, I’ll definitely do it tomorrow has been said more than once the last couple of years. The bad excuses have been multiplying like rabbits…now with my comrade in arms (or here on Ravelry) nearly finishing her mitered square afghan, I can no longer procrastinate.

In a daring stash busting mission early dawn, I dived in and pulled out a small pool of Patons Classic Wool and Merino

Destashing is a breeze as the afghan will take up some 24 skeins of wool 😀
Lets the fun begin…one little problem, I can’t find my copy of Mason Dixon book! So, I winked it with the help of Pyschedelic Squares Afghan and minor modifications. Slowly I’ve been knitting one miter after another and have completed the very first full square, soaked, blocked, just in time to bring along for seaming at the Friday Knit-Up this morning.
The 16″x16″ patch is made up of four 8″x8″ mitered squares.
Doesn’t it look wonky and psychedelic?

It reminds me of the optical illusion toys popular in the 80s. This is the perfect project if you want to use lots of different yarns. Playing with Color is most fun. This basic pattern may be knitted from anything from two to forty colors, as a blanket or a bedspread. It is limited only by your imaginination. I’m happy the colors are working out…trusting my instincts as I choose them. Now I only have to get on with nexty sixty or so miters…after converting pattern–to true modular knitting by casting on and picking additional stitches from previous squares. Like many of you, I don’t want to seam up squares if I don’t have to.

Happy creating!


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