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Afghan Squares Fun

I’m not sure why this happens, but, any time I’m super happy with a finished project, I seem to wallow in short attention span/problem project world for a bit. After I completed the feather and fan (F&F) shawl, I was on a project high…sort of chasing the dragon if you will. I’m looking for a project that will give me the same feeling of sucess and satisfaction as the F&F did. That’s gonna be hard as it’s one of my favorite projects, EVER.

So I’m working here and there on some things…moving the Community Afghan (and here up to my regular knitting rotation as I am very happy with how the border’s knitting up and I know the recipient is going to enjoy the finished afghan. I picked the hottest day of the summer to finish this collaborative knit by Bend Knit Up, but, am glad it’s off my guilty list at last. It’s better late than never.

Can you spy the holes? More mending after blocking…
The 25-week Afghan Sampler (here and here) and I have had some recent issues and after some intense discussions, I think we’ve worked out our problems and are moving forward with a better relationship. I’ve agreed to read and follow directions…specifically for the same size through out the pattern. The sampler has agreed to be more consist ant with gauge, as long as I’m honest about the size. We both agree that this relationship is well worth the effort and work. We know that together we can create something beautiful.

Some blocks were unraveled and reknitted a few times…
Though I am modifying choices of the blocks as I see fit, the KAL really keeps me focused. First strip, out of eight total, is finally done, with live-stitches on waste yarn. There have been many trials while knitting the connecting blocks, adjusting rows between different block patterns so it looks fitting. Cable generates much tighter fabric thus ended up with more rows than other intarsia or lacy samplers. Thanks to the magic of blocking, there isn’t anything a good soak and blocking can’t fit.

Elizabeth of Gossamer Knitting Place invited the knitters to her beautiful shop to knit a cozy for her tree on Tuesday, July 14, 2009. I didn’t get much photos on earlier knitters but did manage to snap a few below:

See the fairy wings, shown last, knitted by MOI–LOVE the yarn and big needles!
Check out this gorgeous mitered square afghan from my knitting friend, Robin (Ravelry members only.)

Robin on right, assisted by our knitting guru Judy, is one happy camper!

It’s a yarn eater–48 blocks used up 24 skeins of Manos del Uruguay Wool not including the seaming borders. It’s so worth it. Robin didn’t want to do the math to know how pricey a gift she is making for a friend…I need to get on her LIST 😀

Back to work on Weeks 4 and 5 of the afghan sampler. Squares are the perfect place to practice new types of knitting stitches.

Stay COOL…Happy creating!


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  1. Have you ever done a collaborative chain mail knitting? Supposedly you knit like 1 square and then send it on in the mail to more knitters until your requirements are met and then it gets sent back to you. I'd love to know i there's an organization that helps with that.

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