A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

I am really bummed…lace knitting is still taking a backseat to poor vision dilemma. For an instant gratification lift, here is a little bit of cobweb lace spinning

more practice on plying with previously spun 53-wpi Merino singles

Beautifully against sand, sun, and surf…but the 6-strip origami windmill failed miserably

will make paper-strip model next for visual construction
another seamless success for my teen

Warm weather…COOL knit…earth-friendly…What could be more natural?
Just need to sew up pocket, lining, and locate that cutey button

A few quicky stitchmarkers (fit up to size 15 needles) to thank my destash-supporters

Home is where color lives. Sarah is leading a group of knitters over Welshmillie’s blanket knitalong on a sweet 25-week journey to stashbusting on June 17, 2009. Each week, we knit one patterned and one plain blocks. I am all caught up and ready for Week 3 patterned block announced yesterday. Instead of basketweave stitch, mine will be a tumbling block. My blocks will be 10”x10” including 1” gartered borders. Plain blocks will be in modular and joining two or more blocks together as knitted. Instead of binding off each block, I am putting them on scrap yarns until joined with other blocks. There will be NO sewing if I can help it.

All in Caron Country merino blend fibers.
My sheep sure needs some fluff and makeover…maybe later
and here it is, Folks, the Ten Stitch Twist (Ravelry members only) in my queue forever

The widest point of the spiral measures to 16″, in Patons Soy Wool Stripes
Natural Pink and Plum, with US 9 needles

I am thrilled, excited, and full of energy for this spiral project but not without doubt and insecurity. I fight hard to break my love affair with Noro and went with some Soy Wool forever in my stash. As I push on to third round and observe the colors play, wondering how it would look merging Pink into hues of Plum, I am learning to deal with my self-doubts a bit better. The progression of colors shows up beautifully. It makes my heart sings. Though the ten-stitch spiral fabric knitted up in just a simple garter stitch, the geeky circular construction is a magic trick with virtually no sewing up. Whether you’re a new knitter or just want to try new techniques of short rows and knitting backward, this spiral will tickle you pink to knit a round flat. Yarn is a lovely medium to work with and the satisfaction of making this cannot be over-estimated. Try it.

Do not let the warmer weather tempt you into putting your needles away. Summer is the perfect time to try out all those fantastic silk, linen, bamboo, and organic cotton fibers bursting from the shelves of LYS like mine.

Happy creating!


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