A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

(Manga drawing above by my 10-year-old) Glad I am knitting again…Life sure got in the way of my knitting, spinning, and creating this week. Although things tend to slow down in the summer. I am hoping to really keep at it…especially with the gig of designing! Knitting just feels good; It has all kinds of interestingly technical variations–Aran cables, lace, fair isle, intarsia, mobius, Fibonacci sequence, knit one below…plus purely knitterly jollifications like knitting two socks simultaneously, one inside the other, on a single set of needles (magic loop or two circs) so that when you’re done you pull them apart and there’s your pair. Why do it that way? Because it’s cool. It also has an attractive deep structural logic based on geometry and proportion, attractive deep structural logic based on geometry and proportion, pattern and shape and interactive processes. There’s a real affinity between geeks and knitting.

Windmill Seamless Sling #2 is lined with a whimsical, high-quality cotton fabric…just in time for Lia’s birthday party later today. It’s hard to part with as this one possesses all the right elements of what I love in a bag.

The seamless origami design is really neat. Though it isn’t a complicated design, it is a stylish, sweet, geeky, flawless piece of knitting and sewing. Sling #3 for my 13-year-old teen is next while I am still unventing a 6-stripe windmill.

Happy creating!


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