A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Do you dream of making a perfect hat but aren’t ready to commit to a big project? Well, here is my dream project come true. The big needles and thick yarn make this a quick knit and a beautiful addition to my summer wardrobe. I woke up this morning with a desire for a quicky…an hour later, here it is

The fuzzy Sensations Angel Hair has a really awesome quality…of course, you can’t tell how beautiful the hat really is. It almost looks drab and lifeless; but, I promise it really isn’t at all. The soft, silky hat adds a splash of color to my wardrobe in time for Rainbow Hat Day on the first day of Campfire Day Camp. Just imagine me in this wacky hat and 10 5-year-old boys and girls…

No matter how experienced a knitter you are, you can easily stitch up this gartered-rim knit hat in a day. Have some spare time? Fill it knitting a quickie, basic whacky hat. If hat is not your thing, stop o’er KnitsforNeeds (K4N) for some new projects and inspirations. K4N is a charity that you may donate knitted and crocheted items to throughout the year to help those in need. My favorite is 4″ Prayer Squares, knitted or crocheted, used while praying. Before donating to chemo patients in cancer centers for little comfort, K4N forwards them to KNIT WITS who then attach charms and prayers to the squares. These Prayer Squares are great for using up leftover yarns and yarn you just don’t know what to do with. Soft non-wooly fiber will work best as they’ll be more comfortable to hold. Check out K4N blog post and/or join in the discussion on Ravelry.

Happy creating!


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