A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

I’m exhausted and the kids have squabbled nonstop since I got home late last night, but otherwise I had a great time. If you were there, I was the one with Dianna shawl. Apparently, it was the only one there and it was cause for much comment.

What a treat it was. I got a fix of all things fiber and flocky at The 35th Annual Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene yesterday. My friend Kristin, the gracious driver, and I had a grand time browsing, touching, learning…and, of course, buying. Forgive me for lack of pictures to share of the incredible event as I was preoccupied…chatting, asking questions, making mental notes of all the fabulous delicious hand-dyed roving, digesting, trying every wheel in sight even those not for sale. Good thing I set a budget beforehand…without it, I would have filled Kristin’s sizable vehicle :0) Instead, I got some yummy souvenirs:

A bag of Mystery Batt by Fantasy Fibers ($9.72)

A hank of Natural Romeldale Pin Drafted Roving by Bel Tine Farm ($8.00)

A tiny hand-picked collection of manificient hand-dyed mohair curlies ($3.00)

This love-at-first-sight gorgeous hand-painted cashmere/bombyx silk
Iris roving by Spirit Trail Fiberworks (from Capistrano Fiber Studio)($37.00)

Even a couple of Freebies

A full-size Strauch Curved Wool Handcards, 112 psi ($72.00)

Last but not least, a Fricke ST spinning wheel that is as smooth as Kromski Polonaise and Minstrel wheels I tried, but, for half the price ($279.00).
With lunch ($28) and dinner meals ($20), it feels great to be supporting all these wonderful independent businesses and still came well within the $500 spending limit. I squeaked very loudly and tipped over my chair! Mom, you ought to be proud.

It’s an amazing experience–fiber artists/lovers are the friendliest people on earth. You can be chatting with a total stranger and a bystander would think you’ve known each other for years. I was in awe of all of the beautiful yarns and spinning fibers that the talented artisans dyed for the show. They are all so amazing.

If you are in Eugene area, don’t miss the best fiber show in the west coast–it’s where you may exchange your knowledge of and appreciation for hand-craft fibers and the animals that produce them! It’s going on today and tomorrow at Lane County Fairgrounds.

As a first-timer, I sure learned a lot about fleeces though I know I only scratched the surface. Next fiber shows on my calendar are Shaniko Wool Gathering in September and spinner market at SOAR in October…I will definitely look out for some wensleydale, yak, cormo, pygora, and maybe few small bumps of romney and corridale to play with.

This has been a major milestone for me. I went to Eugene without hubby or kids, made friends when I didn’t know anyone besides my friend Kristin, didn’t buy everything in the barn, and took care of myself pretty well. I’m nearly recovered from this agoraphobia/heart attack experience.

oh wait a sec…what do you get from a handful of uncleaned/raw alpaca and small stripes of batted llama/wool blend, a handcard, a Schacht spindle, a ball winder, and a Fricke wheel…between last night and early this morning.

Combed, blended, spindle-spun, wound center-pull ball,
and plied 8 yarns of 2-ply light fingering yarns.

Happy creating!


Comments on: "Back from Black Sheep Gathering" (1)

  1. Hello!

    Since you have beautiful wool and the spinning wheel I think is absolutely great.
    Have fun with the spinning wheel and the handle of the wool.


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