A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Knitting is therapeutic and meditative. It’s not difficult for me to get lost in the soothing, repetitive movements of fingers, yarn, and needles. The simple act of knitting helps me calm my body and mind. It’s the reason why I knit more during these stressful times. When I knit, I am focusing on what’s in my hands. Even though my thoughts are still present, there’s something being created by me, something that’s also calling my mind to it so I am not solely concentrating on my stress. Whether making something for myself or comforting someone else, knitting gently forces my attention elsewhere. The bonus is that I am creating, I’m making a thing of beauty, so unlike eating chocolates or sipping a glass of wine after a bad day or tuning out in front of the television, I’ll have something to show for it.

This is, in fact, a quick and relaxing knit. I’ve always loved a doily which isn’t surprising really seeing I’ve been born into the wrong era. Pin. Stretch. Pin again. Stretch again. Mommes Lysedug is blocking. More photos later.

I only had text version of the pattern. It is accurate and easy to follow. Only modification incorporated was the picot bind-off (in Size 7 needles.) Using smaller needles keeps the picot from being too frilly.

The 110-round doily upsizes quite successfully and perfectly–giving me a purty shawl or lap blanket over 5 feet in diameter. It drapes down to elbow and may be pinned in the front so it stays on without effort–perfect for many summer outings.

Now back to finishing up border for the community afghan…it’s coming along nicely.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to knit during more happy times than not. Like many knitters have discovered, this cherished hobby becomes more than just a pastime during more difficult times in our lives. Knitting may or may not be the new yoga as it’s been said, but, it’s a gift that you may keep with you forever.

Happy creating!


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