A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Second spinning of 4-oz merino roving, on a Louet S10 ST, is finally completed after idling for 2 weeks. Thickness of the singles is still varied with no particular twist angle as I am still learning to draft consistently! I am thrilled to find manageable kinks (or lack thereof) second time around. Most of the yarns has been left on the bobbin for a couple of weeks before plying.

The impatient me didn’t read up on how-to’s but dived right into it, without using formulas or a sample to check for balance while plying. Frankly, I don’t think I will ever be organized enough to keep track of samples. It’s just not me.

Hand-dyed…wheel spun…wound into center-pull balls…plied with Louet S10 wheel…wrapped into hank.
Before plying, the twist looks little older and more relaxed than the plying twist. Next time I will leave the plied yarn sat on the bobbin for a few days before taking it off. It allows the plying twist to relax and gives an accurate illustration of its balance. The twist has improved dramatically but still not balanced. The 2-ply fiber feels and looks much softer than the singles. The 230-yard-hank is washed, hanging now to dry without blocking. I will check later to see if the yarns twist back on itself. If so, there is either too much or too little plying twist to balance the spinning twist. Opposite of that would be a balanced 2-ply hand-spun, hand-dyed yarns. If I have to choose the two, plying is much more enjoyable and faster than spinning. Thanks to my friend, Kristin, for the inspiration. If you haven’t seen her quilting work, be sure to check them out. They are marvelous beyond words.

As a thank-you to my destash supporters, I made a bunch of these to go with the luscious fibers. Another quick-to-finish and self-satisfying project:

Presenting here, all sewn up, is the Community Block Afghan, contributed by Bend Knit-Up members. I am working on a couple of edging samples to tie all the blocks together and hope to have it finish soon. The afghan will be donated to High Desert Museum.

It has been fun sharing my trials and errors. I do hope you enjoyed the visit.

Happy creating!


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