A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

In a blog entry (here), not too long ago, I promised to knit something with my very own hand spun yarns. Da-da…

There is no boundary in Gail (aka Nightsongs), offered by same generous giver-enabler-knitting advocate who got me going on Dianna (here, here, and here). Gail was a shear knitting pleasure and the shawl far exceeded my wildest expectations.

There were a few errata in the original pattern that is available through a lively Ravelry MaweLucky Group (here). I love this pattern, quite easy after getting over my brain freeze and a few DUH-moments!! I am going to do another, in the future, in other colors.

The bolero one is my new favorite way to wear a shawl.
Isn’t my 13-year-old a genius!!!

START: May 26, 2008
FINISH: May 28, 2008
PATTERN: Gail aka Nightsongs by Jane Araujo (MaweLucky)
MATERIAL: 340 yards (3 oz)–spun in Majacraft Pioneer DT and–450 yards (4 oz)–in Schacht Lace Spindle–of hand dyed Potluck Wool Roving from Baabaara’s Wild & Wooly Weight and texture is very similar to that of Noro Sock yarn.
MEASUREMENT: 56″ x 26″ (center spine); slightly stretched, purposely knitted loosely.
MODIFICATION: I was stumped after 8th repeats and put it off for a day. Good thing…I had a chance to sit back and actually look at what amiss and the DUH moments came: I haven’t added the transitional rows before edging!!! With the addition of rows 23-32, I still ended up 3 extra-selvage stitches in between 18-stitch repeats. Instead, I tweaked it a little so I may move forward– Knit Edge Chart Row 1 as shown with an exception of a yo between the repeats, I did a double-decrease; plus a yo in beginning, center between two triangles, and end. Bound off in my now-all-time-favorite double-yarn purl stitch as in Aeolian Lace.

Turquoise is happening in all its hues and I like them all. From dark bluish tones to light greenish tints, both saturated and muted and everything in-between. The writing is on the wall when I saw an abundance of turquoise appearing in Paris couture fashions last year. Sure enough, it’s about a year later and the mainstream stores are full of turquoise product for this Spring. And the turquoise I saw recently in New York couture publications tells me the shade is going to be around for a while.

Initially, I was going to spot-remove some colors with baking soda and over dye the lace with Wilton’s Food Coloring–some deep violet blue, deep magenta. and more highlights as shown near the edging. Since this has been hand dyed (I believe with chemical dye) once before, I had reservations with over processing and breakage of some ultra-thin spots. Such idea was aborted. It’s really lovely shades of Turquoise, after all.

Now, back to my sweet, innocent Maude:

Happy creating!


Comments on: "A Passage to Spinning…there’s Gail aka Nightsongs" (1)

  1. This shawl is so pretty! Love the pattern.

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