A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Mia Bella lace diversion was worthy of obsession.

As if the mystery clues weren’t enough to bring a knitter joy, the exceptional yarn provided the icing on the cake. I have fallen in love with Alpaca Lace and dubbed it the best yarn ever for the money. It has an unbeatable sheen, a silky, smooth feel, and is very easy to handle. The subtly variegated colors are exquisite and exciting.

Initial setup from the very beginning had me stumped not once, twice–four times!

Clues 1 through 5 Completed
I still can’t get it right. Not to worry…knitting woes are behind me (except for a minor setback just discovered–beginning of Clue 5 or end of Clue 4??)

and knitting woes are part of the process. While I can be volatile when confronted with other problems, knitting challenges are something altogether different. If only I could learn to approach other aspects of my life with the acceptance I have for knitting ups and downs…

It seems to be time for a finishing flurry. This seamless helmet liner was easily accomplished–from start to finish–in less than 4 hours. Only thing left to do is to embellish it with a heart or peace symbol. I’ll be knitting/collecting more liners to send to our national guards so they won’t be cold this coming winter.

It was a divine weekend. How was yours?

Happy creating!


Comments on: "Mia Bella Lace Progress and More" (1)

  1. Beautiful and insightful thoughts, Sarah, as always I would like to add. Love that lace shawl. And what a caring idea to knit helmets against the cold – I think one of the few helmets giving you a warm feeling inside and outside!

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