A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

There are painters who transform
the sun into a yellow spot
but there are others who
thanks to their art and intelligence
transform a yellow spot into the sun~~Pablo Picasso

Is there any knitter who still hasn’t heard of Gail aka Nightsong, created by Jane Araujo (aka MaweLucky)? For those who haven’t drooled over the possibilities yet, check out MaweLucky Love group on Ravelry(member access only).

Here is a sneak peek of my interpretation of Dianna, a secret Knit-along challenge:

Dianna, a reversible entrelac shawl constructed from the tip up, may be knit up with any yarn weight and any needle size. Jane said the original pattern has 13 tiers. I am going to knit mine ’til entrelac got the best of me…

If you know the simple lace knitting stitches–K2tog, P2tog, P3tog, yo–and how to knit entrelac, you can make this shawl in time for summer. Care to join me for some exploring fun?

Happy creating!


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