A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Most of our obstacles would melt away if
instead of cowering before them
we should make up our minds
to walk boldly through them.~~Orison Swett Marden

Knitting lace is one of those things that beginning knitters oooh and aaah at, something seems so out of reach. At least I felt that way before I knit my first lace pattern, in fact, my very first knitting project almost 24 years ago for my first born. There are so many new symbols and techniques to learn with lace that it seems too overwhelming at one time. The end result is worth it!

I am a visual learner, the type that sees patterns in things. I prefer to read my lace over counting endless numbers of stitches. It’s a way better option over the long run. Once I see how each pattern relates to the rows below, I’m golden, as I can spot a problem arising before it gets too far. Another reason I don’t count because I learned very early on that I may screw up a lace row royally yet still have a correct stitch count (by balancing out or misplacing yarn overs and decreases.) Personally, counting isn’t helping for most of my lace or other projects. One of my Duh! moments came when I realized I was knitting complex lace on short needle. It’s much easier to spread out the lace and review it on a long needle. I switch to a 40” or longer circular when the lace grows substantially. Too short a needle squashes the stitches together; occasionally, they will jump over each other, getting into wrong order, and making for disastrous results. Crowded stitches are lace’s enemy.

BEEP BEEP BEEP…here is a progress recap on my lace obsession. By now, you should guess it…it just goes against my grain to be a monogamous knitter. I can’t do it. I was cruising through second part of Sidonia Shawl at the speed of light. It’s substantial knitting comparing to that of last week’s–74 rows, ended with 175 stitches. It grew to 40″x23″, pinned and moderately stretched. I really like how this fiber knits up. Although it’s a variegated color, it’s not too stripey and gives more of a mottled look.

Fourth installment Springtime Swirl became available on the 22nd. It was a breeze with added leaves. The swirl grew from 18” (Clues 1-3) to 26″ in diameter, stretched slightly. First skein of alpaca lace is almost used up. This yarn is heavenly soft. It has taken longer than usual to knit because I kept stopping to look at it and to pet it! I am much happier with the new fiber–smooth and springy in color for this project.

Search of ancient god/goddess’ name to Riddle 2 of Wings of Horus continues. Code cracked instantly and clue 2 (ended with 229 stitches) knit up fast. The lace measures 32″x15″ stretched/pinned. I didn’t bother to unravel sweater and wind yarn into a ball. Knitting directly from the sweater and felt-joining as I go definitely saved me time for more knitting! Hope the stitches will show off clearer once wet and blocked at completion.

Guess what I’m doing today? Well, besides helping MIL weed, spring clean, move and spread yards of mulches from front of the house to back of the yard…I’m going to run away for a couple of hours. I’m escaping to the chamber (the guest bedroom.) The messes are annoying me. The kids banter is annoying me. They way they breathe is annoying me. MIL getting upset at me for not putting away tissues–used for wiping my non-stop runny nose–fast enough before the dogs got them annoyed me. I’m annoyed that I’m annoyed. I’m annoyed with myself although I can’t get away from me! It’s time to face my misadventure/false start of the week…Clue 2 of art nouveau Mia Belle baffles me to no end. It’s not complicated. It’s looking fine, but my gut tells me it’s wrong. I am playing it safe to avoid any undue agony in future clues. Since I don’t use a lifeline (not talking about that from Regis PhilbinOff’s game show,) it’s coming off the needles…frogging…and awaiting cast-on again.

The lace measures 26″x11.5″ pinned, and slightly stretched
Coming next…In celebration of the Goddess Knits fourth anniversary, Renee is graciously hosting another mystery lace along (Goddess Faroese) available every Saturday for 5 weeks starting Saturday, Mary 16, 2009. A surprise element to this shawl will be revealed with Clue 5. The group is open to new members until Saturday, May 23, 2009.

Beginning at her birthday, Monika Eckert will give small clues each day to Taurus Birthday KAL commencing tomorrow, April 28, 2009. You may knit either a triangle or a stole, alternatively lengthwise or crosswise, as soon as half of the length or width is reached then repeats knitted sample backwards. Lace, sock or Kauni wool may be used for this fun project. The downloadable PDF files will be in both English and German. Pattern is available for sale at her shop a week after the knit-along completion.

Last call to Sharon Dreifuss of She-Knits felted bag mystery knit-along commencing in June. Free enrollment will be closed at the end of today. A hard copy of the pattern will be available for $6.00 at She-Knits.com and in She-Knits Ravelry Shop in July or August at the Knit-along completion.

So, what strikes your fancy? I’d love to hear all about your crafty adventure.

Happy creating!


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