A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Let’s take the train to anywhere
I wanna feel the wind in my hair with you.
Let’s tell them all that soon they’ll know
How very wrong they were to think we’d never go,
And if you tell me yours I’ll tell you mine
And we will clean the cobwebs out of one anther’s minds.
~~Missy Higgins

I live vicariously…in lace. The lace workshop is going well. One was working already on her edging (contrary to picture shown above.) Two others restarted theirs and are progressing happily. One disappeared…

To show my students a different appearance of a triangle shawl. I whipped up this Fountain Pen Lace sample just before class last Saturday:

in Mega Boots Stretch Color 716 and US Size 7 circular needles
The lace construction is a basic triangle starting out in the center neck, with a gartered edge, down and out–similar to that of Evelyn Clark’s Triangle Lace–instead of a 10-stitch/10-row repeat, it’s with a 16-stitch/16-row repeat in the body. Beginning and Edging variation is only differed by the number of stitch and row counts. Overall schematic is the same. If you are familiar with Evelyn’s shawl, this is an easy-peasy, no brainer lace for you. If nupps bother you, just replace the stitch with beads which applicable.

Sock yarns is a terrific alternative for shawls–and the lace is done up in lightning speed. Superwash is fine too…with the exception of after blocking, it has a tendency to sort of suck back in a little. Koigu does not behave such nearly as much as others. It does however need to be aggressively blocked.

A challenge with superwash fingering weight for shawls is the edging tends to curl up a bit, even after blocking. Sometimes I leave it as added character to the lace. Other times, I altered by attaching beads to edging. It’s wonderful to just experiment…make lots of lace out of different variety of fibers and see what you like, how different yarns behave, and–don’t forget–make some mistakes that you have to fix. It’s very educational!

Happy creating!


Comments on: "Fountain Pen…Lace and Nupps" (1)

  1. Looks like you’ve had a spring burst of classes, techniques, and experimentation! Such fun. Looks like wonderful play. Back on the RIGHT COAST we’ve still 18″ of snow in the yard and Mud Season has begun. I knew they built those all wheel drives for something;)the Vermonster

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