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Knitting anything and everything you want
and enjoy the scenery!~~Vicki Square
author of The Knitter’s Companion and Knit Kimono

When she realized she was within reach of finishing, the idea of having a brand new garment to sport on first day of Spring became all-encompassing obsession. She knits aggressively and will soon be rewarded with a great rustic, autumnal brown cozy that’s perfect for the weather turned snowy day–yes, it’s actually snowing today.

This top-down sweater is a labor of love! And do I ever love it–super comfortable!!! The roving was di.Ve’ Autunno in Fine Merino, which is now officially my teen’s favorite…it is just sooooo smooth, cuddly soft, and not itchy/scratchy on your skin! DD#1 picked out the fiber and searched on Ravelry for hours for a perfect match. The simple, attractive raglan is knitted from the Buttony pattern with very few modifications–made buttonholes every tenth rows, added extra length (length can just ruin a sweater’s comfort level) and waist shaping. I showed her how and where to decrease once…off she went…didn’t come back for hip increase instruction. She figured it out. Wish I can say she has my genes. Sometimes, I am downright envious of how at ease she is in designing and knitting. Mind you, this is her first adult small sweater after making this for a sweet angel she babysits.

I highly recommend the pattern (527 made on Ravelry todate with over 3000 in queue) for anyone squeamish about all the work of picking up stitches for button bands or sewing sleeves and seams. There is no need to block…the buttons are the only remotely challenging part of the sweater. It took 5.6 skeins for the body, knitted in Size 9 circular needles, and probably another skein to finish up the sleeves if she opts out of a vest idea. The squared neckline is fantastic…I really love the way it sits so I am planning to knit a modified version myself, a pullover maybe.

On a side note, this project with buttons costs about $50. Is it a hobby you would encourage a teen amid economic deep freeze?

Happy creating!


Comments on: "Finishing Sunday…Buttony Cinnamony Sweater" (1)

  1. Beautiful sweater! Saw a friend wearing a similar–but store-bought–design recently and thought it would be a good one to try. I’ll check out the pattern.I think knitting or handwork of any kind is a wonderful hobby for any child/teen, regardless of the economic environment. In fact, I think it’s invaluable during challenging times. With a little ingenuity, there may be ways to obtain the yarn less expensively (recycling as an example), and I believe the satisfaction that comes from creating is a blessing during difficult times. My .02!

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