A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Ever since I was a little girl
I always wanted to be somebody.
Now I see I should have been more specific.~~Lily Tomlin

Some yarns have skein appeal while others don’t reveal their true potential until you start knitting with them. It’s a magical experience when yarn, pattern, and ability converge to create something exquisite. I drool over beautiful lace shawls…

The Mystery Knitalong pattern is clear and easy to read if and only if you are a chart person. Boy, ain’t I a chart knitter! I prefer it. The charts were excellent although the repeats are easy enough to memorize quickly so I was never a slave to the chart. Even with lots of other concurrent knitting and a two-week break from the lace (2 clues behind), it is off the needles this morning after catching up on Clues 6, 7, and final 8 last night. The lace’s been dunked in water, rolled in towel, and now pinned to bed.

The Prism Lace Merino behaved well for a 2-ply cobweb. I used only half a skein (approx. 700 yards or 40 grams) for the project. The drape is divine. The lace is light yet substantial feeling even before blocking. LadyJane may just be my favorite 4-season wrap. I have never thought of myself as a shawl person. That will change! I can’t wait for the temps to rise so that I can strut around town wearing this.

It has been fun and extremely rewarding–truly a knitting delight (no pun intended.) Don’t forget to stop by Birgit’s shop here for more amazing, glorious shawl patterns. I even got a few design ideas following this shape. What more could I ask for in a project? Adventure is worthwhile in itself.

Happy creating!


Comments on: "LadyJane Flew Off the Needles" (3)

  1. Sarah, your LadyJane is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing your finished project. Hope mine comes out just as lovely. Having seen yours, I’m all the more eager to finish!

  2. Dear Sarah, this is a beautiful shawl! Thank you for sharing it by way of a photo and giving the finished weight – this is so helpful, I can look at my stash with new eyes with the intent of knitting that light-weight shawl.

  3. I love your Lady Jane! The colors are cheery and bright and the shape of the shawl looks oh so wearable. I think I need to revisit this pattern and cast-on again. Thanks for the eye candy!

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