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What I Made in 2008

Sometimes Life’s Greatest Joy
Comes From Simple Moments.

Well, here we are. Another year. A fresh start. New beginning. I don’t know why but the beginning of a new year always feels so free. So clean. I feel ready for change. This year is no different. I have been reflecting a lot lately on life and where God has me. Of course, that would be another post at my other blog; not here.

It’s that time of year again–it’s always fascinating to me to read up on resolutions others made the previous year and the New Year. I am certainly not one to set formal resolutions because life often ends up changing so much that what I was focused on at the beginning of the year might be totally irrelevant by the start of the next. Before dipping into my desires for fiber art adventure in the new year, I like to sum up what I made in 2008.

1. Peacock Shetland Lace 005, 2. Sensational Cloche 002, 3. Sensational Cloche 001, 4. Eden Scarf 004, 5. Celtic Hooded Scarf, 6. Manos KAL Finished Wraps 001, 7. Manos KAL Finished Wraps 002, 8. Great Adirondack Pillow SW Bodysuit Shrug, 9. Soft and Cuddly Bamboo Dill Ascot, 10. Andes Meets Turkey Felted Hat 002, 11. Andes Meets Turkey Felted Hat 001, 12. Fibonacci and Moebius Meet Algebra 001, 13. A-Maze-ing Cowl 001, 14. Waterfall Woven Cowl #2 002, 15. Ascot Scarves 001, 16. Waterfall Cowl 004, 17. Pinwheel in Cotton Backview 11.27.2008, 18. Pinwheel in Cotton Side 11.27.2008, 19. Ocean Wave Pinwheel 11.08.08 010, 20. Ocean Wave Pinwheel 11.08.08 008, 21. Autumn Garden Latvian Felted Hat, 22. Ocean Blue Felted Andean Hat, 23. Felted Ocean Blue Top, 24. Felted Ocean Blue Slippers Side, 25. Felted Ocean Blue Slippers Top & Sole, 26. Santa Elf Costume for DD#2 2008 Halloween, 27. Felted Hat or Tote 10.30.08 Top, 28. Felted Hat or Tote 10.30.08 Side, 29. Felted Pinwheel Bag & Jasper 10.30.08, 30. Pink Wavy Cowl for Audessie 10.25.08 Front, 31. Pink Wavy Cowl for Audessie 10.25.08 Back, 32. Diagonal Scarf for Katherine Anderson, 33. Socktoberfest 2008 TTL Mystery Complete 002, 34. Adirondack Group Mystery Sock Knitalong Sep 2008 Complete, 35. Chemo Cap Program for St. Charles, 36. Mason Dixon Hanging Towels

1. Sep 08 Dish KAL, 2. Goddess Anniversay Mystery KAL Shawl Overview, 3. Wakame Lace Cotton Tunic Front, 4. Wakame Lace Cotton Tunic Back, 5. Peruvian-like Fair Isle Hat #2 Felt, 6. Peruvian-like Fair Isle Hat #1 Felt, 7. Illusion Totoro Front Slanted, 8. Diagonal Spa Cloth, 9. Fleur De Lis Illusion Cloth Front 2, 10. Double-Knit Star Scarf 1, 11. Spirogyra Fingerless Mitt in Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn, 12. Tikkun Tree Cabled Leaf & More Flowers Bloom, 13. Ballband Washcloth, 14. It’s Spring Flowers Washcloth, 15. Pinwheel Dishcloth, 16. Curve of Pursuit, 17. Vortex Dishclothes, 18. Fingerless Flower Gloves, 19. Fingerless Flower Gloves, 20. Noro Adorable Comfy Flippant, 21. Berlin Muster Toe-Up, 22. Monet Impression Trellis Garden Shawl, 23. Early Spring Toe-Up, 24. Basketwave Cardi for Grandma’s House, 25. Azure Lace Toe-Up, 26. Azure Lace Toe-Up, 27. Short-row Cabled Pinwheel Hat, 28. Modular Prayer Shawl, 29. Red Hat Inspired Entrelac Doctor Bag, 30. Pinwheel Pullover with Zip-zag Lace Sleeves, 31. Arch-Shaped Vinnland Top-Up, 32. Playtime Babydoll Twin-Set, 33. Vinnland Cuff-Down **Frogged**, 34. Elizabeth Zimmerman Adult “Baby Surprise Jacket” Inspired Lace Sweater, 35. Fair Isle Play in Cat Bordhi’s Sock, 36. Cascade Sensation in Cat Bordhi’s Sunrise Sideseam Sock

1. Two-Tone Textured Zig-zag, 2. Oriel Lace Toe-Up, 3. Graduated Beaded Scarf, 4. Rainbow Selbu Mittens, 5. Argosy Dolly, 6. Lacey Vine Fingerless Mitts (Completed but Not Photographed), 7. Fingerless Mitts (Fetching) (Completed but Not Photographed), 8. Leaf for Peace 2, 9. Optical Illusion Mother Earth Cloth, 10. Flaming Candle Throw **Frogged**, 11. Neutral Shell Stitch Dishcloth, 12. Multicolored Shell Stitch Dishcloth, 13. Lavendar Shell Stitch Dishcloth, 14. Green Shell Stitch Dishcloth, 15. More Green Shell Stitch Dishcloth, 16. Basketweave Dishcloth, 17. Red Flower Spa Clothes , 18. Pink Hexagon Spa Cloth, 19. Floral Hexagon Spa Cloth, 20. Crocheted Amigurumi Cupcake and Owl, 21. Curve of Pursuit: Heart Motifs in Groups, 22. Flower Power, 23. Furry Fun Drawstring Bag, 24. Ripple Crown, 25. Stitchery Play Dishcloth 1, 26. Stitchery Play Dishcloth 2, 27. Stitchery Play Dishcloth 3, 28. Stitchery Play Dishcloth 4, 29. Stitchery Play Dishcloth 5, 30. Stitchery Play Dishcloth 6, 31. Crocheted Ripples and Ribbons, 32. Pretty Red Sachet for Sea Breeze Perfume, 33. Macrame Beaded Bracelet 1, 34. Macrame Beaded Bracelet 2, 35. Qulted Art Postcard 1, 36. Qulted Art Postcard 2

PHEW! That’s the wrap for 2008–a lot of short-row, fair-isle, patchwork, and lace experiment. A few projects (like Swifter Cozies) didn’t make it here due to miscategorizing in Flickr. A few WIPs started in 2008 will return over the next few months (very hopeful.)

2009 is just as exciting, I promise. Peek in What I Made in 2008 Flickr Group if you have a moment. You might just be inspired to start your making now.

Happy creating!


Comments on: "What I Made in 2008" (4)

  1. Hi Sarah, It is Kirsten or K~ as you know me from Ravelry. I was googling Flippants and your site came up. So, I looked at your blog and I love your wrap up for 2008 page. I need to try and do one of those. I have to admit, that mine will be about 1/8th as big :-)! Just thought I would surprise you on your blog. K~

  2. It’s good to see you’re posting again. I can’t believe all those knits!

  3. Sarah, we won your Autumn Garden Felted Latvian Hat from the raffle during the TLC groomer fundraiser. My wife loves the hat.Thanks for supporting TLC and thanks to your fried for the home delivery!(Sorry there was a typo in my original post. I should have previewed it.)

  4. […] are starting to improve and I’m getting wiser. If you’ve read my posts in the past (here and here,) I do not do resolution. However, I do make plans and am excited to start a new Knitting […]

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