A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

I’ve been fascinated since last winter by a felted basket displayed at a LYS. This Peruvian-like, Fair Isle colorful hat was knitted by either a staff or the shop owner, most likely out of Lamb’s Pride or Cascade Wool 220, in a very fine and tight fabric. It inspired me to learn about Peruvian knit/craft. High in the Andes, where winter goes to extremes unlike any place else on earth, the natives rely on hats just like these to guard their head and ears from the harsh conditions. It’s not likely I’d ever do anything that authentic in scale but I thought it’d be fun to replicate. It’s a natural for a colorful hat, the kind that gives a child an idea that the world is full of friendly people because everyone they meet on the street is smiling.

I worked up this version in two different color schemes rather quickly and felted them while visiting my mother-in-law in Springfield, OR, yesterday. They will soon nearly cross the state in its first week of life, attached permanently to my two angels who loved them unadorned.

CAST ON: August 24, 2008
CAST OFF: August 26, 2008
PATTERN: Inspired by Tina Whitmore’s Herbie Fire Hat
NEEDLES: 24″ ADDI Turbo Circular US #7
YARN: Assorted skeins of Lion Brand Lion Wool Solid and Patons Classic Wool Merino. Hat #1 in Purple, Goldenrod, Pumpkin, Rose, Sage, Too Teal, and Grape. Hat #2 in Rose, Purple, Pumpkin, Too Teal, Leaf Green, Woodrose, and Heather.
COMMENTS: This is addictive, a part of my ongoing color play pursuit and two-handed two-color stranding method. It worked like a charm. This is very lovely and fun to knit. I carried the 3rd strand, where applicable, alternately with other two stands throughout the project. It creates a much cleaner fabric on the wrong side with even tension. More are in the making. Pulling colors together has been fascinating and interesting. Felted/fulled hats were great but I would resize a few as regular knitted fair isle hats too. Next Project I’d like to modify it to a 16”X16” square for a sofa pillow cover, with garter stitch backing.

They are absolutely beautiful. And, NO…it didn’t make it ’til Christmas! DD#1 wanted it immediately after it’s felted/fulled on September 5. Another holiday intended knit bits the dust…

Happy creating!


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