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Learn how to be happy with what you have
while you pursue all that you want.~~Jim Rohn

I stopped by LYS briefly on Saturday and got a skein of SWTC TOFUtsies. It is a bit stretchy and splitty but very silky, luxurious…pleasure to knit with. just perfect for light wear in the summertime. By Sunday, it was calling my attention.

Inspired by Early Spring, this pair of lacey floral buds anklets is a toe-up sock that begins with a magical cast-on and continues with a whirlwind toe. Lacey floral buds cover the instep while the sole & gusset are worked in stockinette stitch. What I love about this fearless pair is its unique short-row heel design that does not require picking up stitches. Modified folded picot edge is actually quite simple. Knit 4 rows (or # of your choice), knit a row of yarn over, knit 2 together stitches, knit 4 more rows and then fold the cuff in half and knit stitches together from first row of picot edge with current row.

PATTERN: Modified Early Spring by Janice Kang
NEEDLES: US #0; one 40″ Addi Turbo Circular Needles
YARN: South West Trading Company TOFUtsies Tip Toes (Cherry Pink), .40 skein
MODIFICATION: Magical Cast-on 12 stitches; whirlwind toe. Once reached 64 stitches, begin foot chart pattern. Folded Picot Edge.

COMMENTS: Short-row heel is differed than what I’m accustomed to…but, very enjoyable and easy to comprehend. I highly recommend this one-day to-go project to all sock addicts. (Cast on on July 6 and flew off needles on July 7.)

The pattern is very lovely, flows smoothly, and is very easy to memorize (8 stitches total). Not only converting 4-needle setup to a magic loop is a breeze, there was no rip in the process, not a single error…it is a miracle…or just a great written design by Janice.

Happy creating!


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