A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Some men see things the way they are and ask, “Why?”
I dream things that never were, and ask “Why not?”~~George Bernard Shaw

It is only fitting that I explore a mystery shawl (here and here) from someone named Goddess Knits. Isn’t her logo just lovely! (Hope you don’t mind, Renee, I snitched the picture.)

Renee, the designer, is using Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Pi shawl as the base. Hardly a mystery…but she has turned the tables. Each clue gives four different lace charts. I choose one to follow for that section of the shawl. So far, there are three clues available, 12 charts available. The mystery design depends on my choices.

It is very fascinating to look at the pictures of works in progress. This really is an online lace class. Watching how each shared piece unfolds can help you decide what you’d like to knit if you aren’t willing to take that stab in the dark or just having a hard time deciding…You’ll also learn some things about putting different lace patterns together. Clue 3 was finished two days ago, but, it has been challenging to get pictures to show off all the intricate details especially in Shawl #2. Photos just don’t serve its justice, too bad.

Shawl #1 – Clue 3 – 48 rows of 288 stitches each, ended with 2 more rows of 576 stitches

Shawl #2 – Clue 3 – 48 rows of 288 stitches each, ended with 2 more rows of 576 stitches

This is like a huge Yahoo Group design project and I commend Renee of Goddess Knits for thinking it up. The group is now officially closed. You may however purchase the pattern (when available) or her other beautiful shawl patterns here.

I’m glad to join this knitalong as it fired up my imagination like nobody’s business. Clue 4 is to be released sometime today…no, you won’t find me waiting by the computer. The kids are having pj sleepover at FIL’s this afternoon while hubby and I have our date around town before he heads out to California for two months.

Happy creating!


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