A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Life can only be understood backwards;
But it must be lived forwards.~~Soren Kierkegaard

June has been a busy month…camping, hikin’ Tumalo State Park, hangin’ by the river…soakin’ up the sun! I can’t help myself. Even though I’m up to my eyeballs in projects (studying, writing, prepping for my girls’ 4H contests and county fair, designing, sewing, reading, creating, restructuring, soul searching…) I just can’t resist making Marjorie’s June Baby Sweater for Grandma’s House.

It’s so fast. And it’s so much fun to knit something that’s so truly delightful and angelic. Here’s the sweater I made this weekend. The structure is similar to Elizabeth Zimmerman’s February Baby Sweater pattern, with modification. Only finishing required is sewing on buttons. I love this pastel…it gives a really pleasing result.

PATTERN: June Baby Sweater by Marjorie Brigham; for a 6-9 months old
NEEDLES: US #3 Addi Turbo Circular Needles
YARN: Bernat Cottontots Ombres, 2 skeins, in Pastel Dreams (to-die-for, cuddly soft, a must have!)
MODIFICATION: Picked up and knitted/purled 6 stitches from armhole in basket weave pattern (matched up from previous row.) Knitted one sleeve on hold (28 stitches), picked up and knitted/purled 6 stitches off other side of armhole in basket weave pattern (matched up from previous row.) Continued pattern in a round–-no finishing/sewing when sweater’s done. Applied my preferred EZ Sewn Bind-Off on body and sleeves.

Close-up: Seamless Armpit Hole
COMMENTS: I love everything seamless, no sewing. Marjorie did hers in fuzzy mohair blend; like mine, it shows off the basket weave texture well.

Thank you, Marjorie, for such well designed and written, simple, yet elegant creation. This will be my favorite baby sweater pattern from now on…with customization, different stitchery…

I’m still in hustle-mode, getting a few inches here and there done on Sideway Cardi…hope to get Wakame Lace Cotton Tunic and Arch-shaped Noro socks off needles next week…or at least by end of July!

Are you sure it’s July already in two days?! Happy creating!


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