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Noro Toe-up Azure Socks

Happy are those who dream dreams
and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.
~~Leon J. Suenes

We are heading home today after an evening of intermitent summer rain…thank goodness, annoying humidity waved its goodbye. Our shaky relationship starts to wear on me so it’s time to pack up and keep a distance.

I got yarn poised with needles and patterns–ready to be cast on–plans for all sorts of wonderful lace…While awaiting impatiently Clue #2 for this and this (out sometime today,) I cast on a pair of Azure.

Top View

PATTERN: Azure Socks by Deb Barnhill
NEEDLES: US #0; two 12″ (yes–it’s not a typo) Addi Turbo Circular Needles
YARN: Noro Sock, 1 skeins, in S95B
MODIFICATION: Magical Cast-on 12 stitches; whirlwind toe. Once reached 30 stitches, begin foot chart pattern.
COMMENTS: The pattern is very lovely, flows smoothly, and is very easy to memorize. However, I don’t recommend anyone to knit this if he/she is sleep-deprived. I must have dozed off somewhere from the very beginning of the chart. I had to drop a 6-stitch panel 4” down to fix the error. It’s mindless if your head is clear…

Bottom View

Side View

I am a Noro fanatic so naturally I am ecstatic when Noro Sock finally made its way to me. I really love knitting with this fiber. It has a soft hand and a tight twist…and the unexpected color transformation is out of this world.

I feel like I have not knitted socks forever. I am quite pumped up for my first KAL. I have been going lace crazy. So besides lace knitting, there will be lots and lots of socks produced in the summer months, especially as the family and I whip through Oregonian and Californian coasts. (Hubby is renting a 1-bedroom apartment in the Bay Area when he is there for at least three-months, long-distance commune trial.)

What I love about toe-up socks is that there is no stressful moment worrying about running out of yarn. I must really, really like this colorway because I have A LOT of it now in my stash. Being torn between this and Pagewood Farm Denali, I am glad this beautiful yarn the winner. My fear and reality…some of my other favorite yarns like Jitterbug, Happy Feet, Pagewood Farm…may be taking a backseat to Noro Sock–450 yards of tightly twisted yumminess–the price (under $20/skein) is fantastic.

I will leave you with a picture of Midsummer’s beauty. It is wonderful to see the rebirth of nature that comes with this season; but, it sure is making me miserable with the allergies.

Happy creating!


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