A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

My dear friend and I went to her quilt guild monthly meeting last night and, boy, was it a blast! It reaffirmed my belief–a crafter is a knitter, quilter, hooker (in crochet term of course,) fiber lover, needlepointer, embroiderer, seamstress, beader…jack-in-all-trade artist! I was in for a real inspiring treat–witnessing a local talented crafter/artist showing off her life-long glorious creations. Among the abundance of Show-n-Tell, there were knitted and quilted goodies inspired by one of my favorite fiber artist, Kaffe Fassett. Sadly, my digital camera finally crooked on me early last week–sorry, no photo to share. Just take my words for it–they are absolutely glorious! I walked away with the burning desire and wild thoughts of making them all. Just imagine…one of her impressive quilts compiled of 3,000 small block pieces, hand-stitched.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I have been wanting to show off this attractive, timeless pullover for sometime…Intrigued (may even be obsessed) by fiber arts in odd shapes, textures, and all things whimsical–besides playing with clay and beads–I spent most of my second winter in Pacific Northwest knitting and exploring starfish-like hexagons, in double strand, fisherman yarn. Originally on my mind was a throw/blanket/wrap in the making. Instead, I ended up with 20 individual knitted starfish hexagon-shaped motifs sewn together, finished off with stockinette, mock turtleneck pullover:

Adorned with a retired limited edition piece of Swarovski Austrian Crystal brooch collected in the 80s at Macys of California, San Francisco
Even though it turned out humongous on me–it’s before I knew to switch needle sizes to get a smaller gauge particularly for sleeves–I am very proud of myself in my third sophisticated-looking sweater design. It is not as labor intensive as it looks. Each hexagon-shaped starfish is trimmed in richly textured moss (or seed) stitch–a perfect background for simple and adorable shaping. I was going to unravel this and redo the pullover for a fitted knit. Since it kept me toasty warm in the wintry days last year, I have been ruminating on an idea of transforming it to something else. Meanwhile, I knitted three of these starfish in my delicious, yummy, ultra-soft Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky. It takes a skein for each motif.

As it has been in hibernation for so long, I have forgotten my own pattern and needle size used for the project. When all my other WIPs are off needles (yeah, right) I will re-write a pattern for this starfish-like hexagon and complete the pullover…before next winter? Or, anyone likes to take a wag at this? If you do, would you like to share with me so I may get this off my WIP list? I’ll be forever in your debt!

Happy creating!


Comments on: "Fisherman Pullover, Starfish Hexagons Aplenty" (4)

  1. The sweater is incredible! How have I never seen it? You always amaze me, Sarah!

  2. The starfish designs are beautiful, love them

  3. Oh how could I miss that! What an exquisite pullover! I am so glad you added that link to your latest posting. What an extremely talented designer/knitter you are.

  4. I am drooling over your starfish pullover! Did you ever write the pattern? I would love to make an afghan out of those starfish hexagons!

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