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Creativity Overload?

Minds are like parachutes
they only function when open~~Thomas Dewar

May has been a busy month and June does not look any less hectic. 2008 has been a busy year, craft-wise.

Current knitting projects include two Celtic Knot sweaters, a Total Autumn-inspired Cardigan, a cotton Wakame Lace Tunic, a Sideway Cardigan, a pair of Arch-Shaped Noro socks, an entrelac bag near completed, a lace wrap, a Monterey shawl, and a few Baby Alpaca hexagon starfish as a part of a pullover. Today, I have committed to knit another baby blanket for a silent auction for charity, due at end of the month. Thanks to Ravelry (viewable by members only)–the list of projects under consideration runs a bit long. Hmmmm…decision, decision.

For the sewing tote in hibernation for a few weeks, I now have the needed fusible interfacing and buckram to complete the project. Perhaps, I will get to it this week. It’s been on my mind…I dislike having unfinished projects laying around for too long. How long is long, you ask? In my book, anything over a week is too long. Imagine…I’m miserable as a few of WIPs have been on hold for over a month!

In conclusion, I need to spend next few weeks finishing all the things on my to-do craft list. By then, it’s time to start working seriously on my Christmas list for families and friends.

Off the needle last night was a prayer triangle shawl in Lion Brand Homespun Barrington and Paton’s Classic Merino Royal Purple using a simple modular-type triangle pattern, knitted in Size 15 needles, that gets larger as you go. (First picture below is more true to actual color.)

The angles make the shawl interesting. I just loved every minute knitting, modifying, and tweaking this fun and successful modular shawl as it revealed in the fullness of time. It must have been in the zone as everything fell into place beautifully as sometimes happens. The light and warm prayer shawl is for a new friend’s mother who is battling against cancer. It’s long overdue. What a relief this is to get it off my list, put together some edible goodies and a handmade get-well card with it, and send them off this week.

Another summer wear I casted on last week is this beautiful Wakame tunic that is about 95% near completion. It was love-at-first-sight. The thoughtful pattern may appear to be intricate, complex but it’s really quite easy to memorize and quick knit. Paton’s Grace is my all-time favorite cotton fiber for its drape, durability, weight, and softness.

If you seek inspiration and/or summer project ideas, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Interweave Knits Summer 2008 issue. It’s well worth every penny spent for this edition.

Happy creating!


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  1. Sarah-You are so generous, thank you so much for that. I know my mother will love it!! Can I do something special for you? Bring you something from Ireland??Cathihttp://cathicrafts.wordpress.comcatherineoneill@carrigeen.net

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