A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Happy Mother’s Day!

While I enjoy blogging, I don’t want it–something meant to be fun–turn into a chore. This has been a struggle…I ponder…

Though I have a lot of other commitments on my time this past week, I’ve also been playing with fabric and Ravelry a bit, which is where I found this Arch-Shaped Sock pattern

Sadly, the loosely knit and lacy pattern (knitting reversed) not quite what I pictured in my mind. It was hard and against my character…but…they did come off magic loop needles–not because it is FO–rather TINKED (I am on a roll…first the pinwheel pullover sleeves…now this) I started over in two pairs of Size 0 Addi circular needles, toe-up, with another lace pattern

New socks are taking shape. I am very pleased with the way it is turning out so it will live to see heels soon while I figure out modification for shaping the heels.

…I see why all of the Ravellers are blogging less–a very fun place with the potential to be a huge time suck. How does anyone decide on what project to take on next?

I’ve got another FO. ta-daa! Knitting spring into existence, in very spring colors, warm, sunny, colorful, new growth thoughts…
I’ve never been one for following instructions. Even with modifications, this 2-day Shimmer & Shine project came quite close to original publication.

Knitting is always a good stress reliever…My intention this month is to look for the beauty of nature in each day, the first buds and colors of spring, the fluffy flakes of snow, the shape and lines of a tree or rock. Turkey vultures are back decorating the sky, birds of all kinds are pairing up, flying about, and chasing each other. Observing and learning. With every single stitch, “I approve of myself.” I might even be starting to believe it.

It’s time to enjoy the outside world and my children’s pampering on this special day. Happy Mother’s Day to you all mothers!

Happy creating!


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