A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

My mood improved as the day went on…It’s Sunday! OMG, the weather is absolutely perfect–instead of the typical cloudy, breezy, overcast we’ve had in the past week or two. I love everything about it except for the ever-lingering allergies my kids and I can do without! I will gladly suffer for some warm weather–YAY!

This warm weather brought out the people. Instead of joining many in outdoor fun or my friend for a stroll, I spent a good part of my day mingling with world-class quilter/crafter friends; being inspired by their awesome handbag/quilted bags…Thanks, Kristin, Erin, and Michelle, for letting me live vicariously through all the sewing fun!

Blimey! What makes me greener with envy than the lovely Amy Butler handbag made by my friend, Michelle, in just a few hours’ time!

My Amy Butler accessory pouch:
Need a 7″ zipper to complete this small project tomorrow–perfect to hold small knitting gadgets in.

Here is front and back of my incomplete 4-patch tote bag…kid you not, it’s going to be humongous:

The McCall pattern is difficult to decipher. What the heck is Buckram…a piece I need to sew onto these two pieces before attaching interfacing. As I suspected, Buckram is a stiff cloth, made of cotton, and still occasionally linen, which is used to cover and protect books. Buckram can also be used to stiffen clothes. Modern buckram have been stiffened by soaking in a substance, usually now pyroxene, to fill the gaps between the fibers.

I cast on for Arch-Shaped Socks–modified with Swirls and Ribs stitch pattern (#184) in Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Volume One–with the intention that it could be my knitting project should I opt not to sew this afternoon.
I didn’t get around to more knitting…hopefully, tomorrow would be a better, productive day. Though there is quite a bit left, the socks should come off needles quickly. I am on a mission to figure out how to reposition wing stitches in magic loop without removing stitches and putting them back on needles again. I do appreciate how quick a 65-stitch row goes!

Now here is a kicker…make a swatch large enough to see how it behaves when washed, hung, or shaken? To see how it acts when it is steamed? To see if it shrinks? To see if it drapes, bags, or sags? Trust me…I know how it feels to really want to cast on a new project. I just don’t do swatch! You would think otherwise having been burned too many times to name. Swatching, even though it’s difficult to make myself do it, would have paid off and save my agony over ripping out pinwheel pullover sleeves five or six times. Besides, there are multiple uses for swatches if I hang onto them. Just think of all the wonderful things you could use them for.

Happy Creating!


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