A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Thanks to my dear friend for a special 2-day Getaway treat, just a hop-skip drive, at Suttle Lake (14 miles west of Sisters) this past weekend. If you decide to swing over to The Lodge, stop by the front desk and say hello to my friend Jason and his lovely wife Sarah. They run this fabulous, enchanted escape.

Lunch at Soba Noodles in Sister is never disappointed–huge portions, great food, calm relaxing atmosphere, awesome customer service. You can’t lose with Soba baby!! Our hop in The Stitchin Post on Saturday afternoon provided hours of endless discovery joy and satisfaction for a bunch of us obsessed crafters.

Though missing our other friends Jenn and Myriawithout Mother’s Nature cooperation…wind was blowing leisurely and odd snow shower and wafts of spindrift made our cabin seem very inviting…the retreat was phenomenal and fun.

Can you believe this is my very first getaway/diversion…without kids…without hubby…since our children were born! It turned out…everyone was fine; everyone survived! I even had an opportunity to work out a few solutions to something that’s been on my foggy mind.

Before heading home, we made a stop in a wool spinning store and I got a skein of this glorious merino
YES…you guess it! I’ll be spinnin’–I’m so excited about the prospect!

We were in no hurry to head home and decided to hung out at Paulina Springs Book in Sister for a little while longer. My friend, Erin, bought Zero Days as inspiration and tips for their backpacking trip to Oregon County Fair planned for this summer! Although the “Blighs” adventures are beyond anything my family will ever experience, the book and my friend Erin has me thinking seriously about starting my own backyard/backpacking initiatives with the kids this summer. In fact, we have been doing (with amazing success) preconditioning since last Friday–in rain and snow.

All in all, the weekend was GRAND! I forgot my memory card again for the trip so you will have to take my word for it! Or wait for a recap from Kristin when she blogs about it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Who is this Elizabeth Zimmermann? you ask. Well…EZ was a writer, designer, and innovator of knitting for most of twentieth century. She delivered persistent encouragement through newsletters, books, and TV series full of humor and spontaneity. Fifty years later, Zimmermann fans all around the globe are still devoted to sharing her projects and the experience of making them at Zimmermaniacs. Thank you Jessica at Fig and Plum and Sarah at Blue Garter for launching the dedicated blog last Fall.

I love seeing each uniquely inspiring sweater, sock, hat, and I-cord inspired by EZ’s The Opinionated Knitter.

Baby Surprise Jacket is one of EZ’s most loved patterns–there are more than 2700 projects completed in Ravelry.com alone. As a distraction to my WIPs (after tinking it once,) here is my Silk Garden Delight inspired by such ingenious designer of all times:

Back is more flattering than pictured here

This Adult Surprise is a very easy and quick knit. The pattern is simple. You just need ONE magic number…everything is based off that.

PATTERN: Inspired by Spunout #1 Summer 1981 Adult Surprise Jacket
YARN: Noro Silk Garden SG 241D, SG258B, SG258D, SG205A2 and SG87J; and Noro Silk Garden Lite 2037A and 2039A (2 skeins)
NEEDLE SIZE: US 7 Circular
KEY NUMBER(the magic # to calculate the pattern): 27
MULTIPLER: 9.5 (instead of 9 per pattern)
Started: April 19, 2008
MODIFICATION: For bottom half of the body, I chose lacy pattern for added interest–more suitable for my summer wear preference. So far, I love how this is materializing. I plan to add lace to lengthen both sleeves and applied I-cord edging, with maybe one button loop.

Thank you ALL for your encouragement while I attempt to document my knitting and modification and, in high hopes with practice, there will be improvement.

Happy creating!


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