A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

(Photo Above: Manga Drawing by Daughter #2) The drive home last night via Santiam Pass was very pleasant. Thank goodness it warmed up so we did not need to put chains on. It’s a wholesome feeling to be home after being gone for a week.

It seems I’ve officially caught the Elizabeth Zimmerman bug. I have swatched out a hat using the Fishtrap pattern. More details to come as I am planning a sweater or two…This afternoon, while watching my kids and their friend, Katherine, played at McKay Park on the river, I casted on a EZ Adult Surprise Jacket. Then, like a knitter possessed, I am half way finished in one night as you can see:

…not so soon! After taking these photos and assessing progress, I realize what a boo boo I’ve made–I am knitting a Baby version! Gosh…it has been a terrifying week of knitting. (You know what I mean when I get to next WIPs.) Since I don’t know any friend who may be blessed presently with this baby sweater, I have no incentive to finish it up as is. Typically, I do NOT tink a project as I can always turn an error into something else. However, from a cost perspective, Noro Silk Garden is just too pricey for what it could be. Contrary to my liking, I am going to tink this one and restart after working out some mathematical calculation. I will use a 9.5K formula and narrow the sleeves at the wrist, decreasing by half–K2tog all the way around before cuff. I won’t be adding extra length to body since I’m height-challenged.

I have knitted many Baby Surprise jackets in the past and find it rewarding each time to observe as the construction takes place–somewhat miraculously! So, I don’t feel too bad about the mistake I’ve committed.

Another bug I caught is Celtic/Nordic knit. Some project is rather anti-climactic; other highly gratifying. Some makes me grin like an idiot…and this one has me skipping with glee (even I had to unravel quite a few times for not paying attention with increases and decreases.) Here is the progress on the two-at-a-time Celtic Icon sweaters:

(Photo Above: Manga Drawing by Daughter #2) The Pinwheel sweater is almost completed with sleeves left to knit. I am contemplating between a simple lace, stockinette, or moss stitch pattern for the sleeves. The Fair Isle Coriolis socks were finished last week on my way to Eugene. Result was disappointing. Second sock was too snug for daughter #2 to even put on her tiny foot. Despite the shortcomings, I learnt a few lessons like figuring out how to incorporate a full fair isle pattern around the foot circumference instead of stopping where spiral began; side increases for the second sock became the gusset as intended. I am on a mission and ready to experiment some more on this architectural design before movin’ on to the next. More photos later…

Happy creating!


Comments on: "WIP EZ Surprise Jacket and Celtic Icon Sweaters" (1)

  1. I can’t believe that you can knit like that.

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