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Magknits is Offline

Have you heard? I popped over to Magknits this morning and sadly discovered that it has been offline since early April. It is a pity, a real shame that Magknits stops…Kerrie concentrating her efforts on Hipknits and Yarn Forward Magazine. I do understand her desire…Family has to come first; they need to be fed. Magknits was not a profit-making business and was never intended to be. I wish you well, Kerrie–in your endeavors–and get things back on a firm footing soon. Like many, I relish past opportunities to identify with unique insights offered by artists/designers via Magknits, not only for enjoyment, but for the purpose of educating myself. I so look forward to peek behind the scenes at what inspires me through your designs for both enterprises in the future.

I have heard there are plans afoot to try and host many of Magknits patterns in a free archive on the Yarn Forward site once permissions have been obtained from the designers. Meanwhile, some patterns are available for download at Ravelry in PDF format. So, if you are looking for Magknits patterns, stop by Ravelry or The Wayback Machine which has caches from even 2004 (including patterns with no pictures though) hereWARNING: it takes patience and time…I found Jaywalker there. It’s promising…in time, I may find my Vine Fingerless!

See you all soon, I’m off to the river to contemplate life, the universe, and everything. Visit here about my excursion in Portland.

Happy creating!


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