A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

I took some time off, after Christmas, from sock knitting overdose to make scarves, sweaters, felting, sewing here and there and other crafty hobbies. My 6-year-old son, who was anxiously waiting for me to make him a pair of non-wool socks, asked me yesterday “Am I going to get some socks this spring or winter?” I was ecstatic, of course–my cuddle buddy asked the royal highness (me) to knit him one, two, three, four…pairs, of non-wool socks!!!! What a perfect timing…I have been wanting to return to Cat Bordhi’s new sock book for more study. This makes great practices in mastering seven different designing concepts in her book. I’m in for big treats.

In my splurge to LYS on my B-day, I found a yarn that would work for my son’s liking. Sadly, I can only cast on one sock (instead of 2-at-a-time) on two circulars yesterday. I wasn’t sure exactly the stretchy yarn would work so I got only one ball of yarn. No…I didn’t want to rewind into two balls. Oh well…As I anxiously anticipated, two socks were NOT equal. I was way too apprehensive not wanting to pull the fiber too much. The difference is minor but noticeable for a self-critical perfectionist…

once they are on his darling feet…perfect. “They are very comfy. Thank you, Mom. You’re the best!” said my happy guy. Need I say more? Besides, who can complain…it costs less than $2.50–(½) of a skein–for a pair of ultra soft, cuddly, hand knitted cotton socks.

I cast on 6 stitches and increase to 32 stitches for toe-up. Arch expansion was interesting as all increases were accomplished on one side only. Until one sock was completed, I wasn’t sure about it. Cast off using EZ’s Sewn Bind-off is perfect so long you don’t pull tight on fiber.

Pattern – Sunrise Socks (Sidestream Sock Architecture) from New Pathways for Sock Knitters Book One by Cat Bordhi
Yarn – ½ skein of Cascade Fixation Solid Sage Green
Needles – Two US Size 4 Addi Circulars
Gauge: 5 stitches/10 rows in an inch/stockinette
Modification – Unlike the pattern, I knitted only 16 rows of leg per pattern without cuff.
Took me – Whipped these up in a few hours in between reading.
Comments – Once I grasp the sidestream architectural concept, it is a great, fun, and easy mindless TV knitting or knitting-to-go pattern. It makes a terrific gift that knitted up easily in a few hours. See more photos here.

I must return my focus to packing for a week-long R&R in Eugene, Portland, and Newberg…and did I mention I still have to run kids around to 4H sewing and Gymnastic practice…before heading out later today? Better catch my breath…remember…breathe!

Happy creating!


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