A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

This morning, a Ravelry friend emailed me to tell me her reason for spotting me–out of hundreds of thousands R_ers–because of bright colors chosen for my projects. She loves the way everything I make looks so happy. It says a lot about me apparently. Another friend said all the colors I chose reflect my upbeat, vivacious spirit, positive attitude, outgoing personality…As she said, “Your life is reflects, who you are. And joy spills out of you like and overflowing pond.” Do you get that impression too?

Lately, I notice how I am drawn to my favorite colors unconciously, ending up acquiring more things in the similar palette. As a result, I try to venture out…get out of my comfort zone…play more with colors I normally wouldn’t touch. Now, I wonder if I should…afterall, my project says a lot about me–generally an optimist who strives to live in the moment, go with the flow at all cost. I hate to be in a creativity slump.

Movin’ on…here is the latest on my Pinwheel sweater. I can really see it now. I am like a pregnant mother awaiting impatiently for my unborn child coming to life…

What a glorious sweater it will be!

So, while catching up on my stitchery reading and with one knitted project completed, I cast-on not one but two Celtic Icon sweaters–knitting two-at-a-time–out of INSPIRED CABLE KNITS:

Instead of Ravelry_ing and blogging, I am inclined to return to more knitting and creating. What are you up to today, my friend, if not car-washing or playing basketball?


Comments on: "Pinwheel Dropped Shoulder Sweater is Fetchin’" (3)

  1. Love the sweater-to-be!! And, yes, we did play basketball today!

  2. It was great to meet you too!! I got to see all this lovely work in person! Will keep up with you more often and add you to my bloglines 🙂Thank you for your generous offer for my mom. I will tell her about it, though she may be shy about taking it up!Look forward to seeing you again in the summer!

  3. Thanks for droppin’ by and sayin’ hello, Cathi. I do hope you have a safe journey home to Ireland.I know for many, it is uncomfortable to receive help. Believe me–it’s not easy to face a live-threatening journey alone only with your loved ones. Your loved ones need as much support as the person suffering too. Talk to Kristin and she will tell you how much relief it was to have friends stopping by with meals and running errands for her. Your mom needs to put all her energies into healing and winning the challenge she has to endure. Another mom and I did a complete housecleaning for Kristin before her first treatment. It may seem extreme but believe me it is very cleansing. Getting her mind ready for another life journey ahead is critical for her success. Cathi, I’ll be happy to pay her a visit anytime she feels comfortable for it.

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