A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Care to know what I have been up to? Thanks to my new knitting friend (and a nearby neighbor,) I finally did something with my Ravelry account I have had for months. Like blogging (see my other blog), I find myself up all hours checking out gorgeous projects–in hundreds of thousands–people from around the globe have accomplished. Trust me…there is no shortage of inspiration. If you are not careful, you will end up with thousands of projects in your queued and faves!

The advantage of getting involved in Ravelry for me is the unlimited resources–seeing what people do with yarns I have in my stash or yarns people used in patterns I am interested in casting on and/or modification people have incorporated. Just overnight, I have 19 friends and am in 18 groups! Ooooh, did I mention the LIBRARY feature? In an afternoon, I uploaded only the books I have in sight/within reach–yikes, I wouldn’t have a clue I am a book junkie until now–when you click on a book, it shows you all the projects people have done out of patterns in that book. How cool is that!

Enough about my new addiction…I have been truly inspired to venture out on a few techniques I have been interested in shadow knitting–modular, domino, stranded, Jacquard, two-color knitting are all the same. It is not new to me but I want to expand in the scope of designing and my color palette. As a starter, I finished this COOL, fun scarf.

It is inspired by Knitting New Scarves. There are so many great patterns in this book that it is hard to choose just one to make! I chose this because it fits into my specific interest at the moment; plus it is moderately quick and easy knit.

Pattern – Zigzag Scarf from Knitting New Scarves
Yarn – one skein of Patons Rumor and 2/3 skein of Nuance
Needles – US Size 5
Modification – Unlike the pattern, I knitted both ends of my scarf the same (with fish tail) for balance.
Took me – Less than a week
Comments – A great, fun, and easy-to-memorize, mindless TV knitting or knitting-to-go pattern. It makes a terrific gift that can be knitted up easily in a day.

This scarf creates an optical illusion, with one zigzag hidden behind the other, using Intarsia technique. I chose (actually my daughter did by default–she is a natural in coordinating color and fiber) two yarns that offered very subtle change but with textural differences. The yarns were knitted in a scarf Daughter #1 has started months ago…I got tired of looking at it everyday so I tinked (K-N-I-T spelled backward; much kinder word than frogged) little she knitted and put them to great use as you see here. I tell you what: a skein of Patons Rumor and Nuance never looked so fetchin’! Nuance is not a yarn I personally would pick for any of my project-–just to show you there is always something I can learn from a 12-year-old artist!

I’ll be making a triple-column zigzag table runner for my dining table. Meanwhile, I need to ponder on color and yarn to use–subtle or contrast, one color or variegated…there are many different options playing in my head. Part of the fun in making this project is picking out complementary colors and watching them move to and fro. Stay tuned to see how they will evolve. I’m getting excited just thinking about them.

Here is an appetizer for your tasting:

Moving on…Spring was short-lived. We were bummed about not able to do geocaching yesterday afternoon due to unexpected snow blizzard! What was your day like?


Comments on: "Zigzag Scarf…FUN FUN FUN" (2)

  1. Yay!It’s nice to see I’m not the only Ravelry addict! Be careful over there, it’s so easy to spend more time Ravelry-ing than actual knitting.The scarf looks beatiful and I love the cut-out shapes in the center 🙂-K

  2. Thank you for your kind encouragement, <><> K,<><> on the scarf. I really enjoyed figuring the geometry process and how much I did learn. Now, I’m ready for bigger things.I knit mainly for my two daughters. They love the gesture. There is a special ring to hand-knitted, one-of-a-kind wear. However, most often, they would just put them on on the first day and all would just hibernate or are lost in the infamous blackhole. My son doesn’t care much for knitted wear becasue of itchiness of wool fiber. I think I’ll begin knitting him socks out of those inviting Cascade Fixation sock yarns I’ve seen at LYS. I am absolutely addicted to Cat Borhi’s New Pathways for Socks Knitters. I sure can use more practices in mastering the seven architectural techniques she had in the book!My 12-year-old is a free-form knitter and nature-designer. She hasn’t expressed any interest in following patterns. I’m awaiting that day to come so I may share what I know with her. I treasure those moments of sharing our common crafty interests.I don’t think I would branch out too much or far from my palate for colors. I am way too self-absorbed in Kaffe’s pattern–especially those multi-bright palette. I have been collecting fibers to make one of his inspiring garments–which requires 24 different colors–meanwhile, I am dreamin’…Have you heard or known of people who requires only 3 or 4 hours sleep a day? Well…I am one of those lucky people. If I get my restful 2 or 3 hours’ sleep, I am good for the rest of the day. But then, there still isn’t enough time of the day to browse, read, absorb, and create!!!!! Life of an obsessed crafter…I am always on a lookout for closeout and clearance sales locally, online, or when I am traveling. I recalled only once, the very first time when I knitted a heirloom blanket for my oldest son before his arrival–in the 80s when knitting was just catching on in San Francisco. I paid over $200 for some fine merino! I haven’t splurged like that ever since. Nowaday, with the worldwide web, I build my stash easily with reasonable budget. Do you know littleknits.com in Seattle–they have a bunch of great clearance i.e. Lamb’s Pride and many other quality fibers. You can get a bag of 10 skeins of great wool fibers for under $30–terrific price for a high quality, hand-knitted sweater. For me, I have my eyes on MALABRIGO LACE for a lace project out of Artic Lace, Victorian Lace or A Gathering of Lace. Your FLAME shawl looks totally delicious. But then, I am in a slump with my Monterey Shawl that I am feeling guilty about its hibernation before casting on another lace…it’s a catch 22.I also patron Ben Franklin when I visit my inlaws in Eugene, OREGON. I have gotten great clearance of yarns retailed $15+ for $1.50 a skein. It’s a hit-n-miss, but more often than not, I’ll find stuff. They sell their floor-samples at $0.25 to $1. Many are knitted in Noro and I snatch them up whenever I see them.I am almost done with the pinwheel sweater…really like how it is transforming. It’s taking shapes, with changes still at this stage. I am contemplating in adding seed beads to the edging.I casted on two backs of Celtic Icon sweater on a Magic Loop–one for my daughter and one for me (she and I wear the same size)–on Sunday and I am about done with the backs. I love cable-knitting. The pattern flows easy. So far, it’s well charted. In fact, once I knit the first cable of the row, I don’t need to read the rest of the chart for the row. The chart just makes sense. It’s a well thought out, mindful design.Ooooh, I am very excited about the new fair isle pillow I am casting on…I wanted so badly to make them all at a time! Wish I would have more time to knit and play with color. Patience is the virtue. Lesson learned.WOW–that’s an earful! <><>Did you know I can talk!<><> Have a great day.

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