A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

I have been back for some time but a little under the weather. Stop by here for my musings on conscious/frugal living, the environment, cooking, gardening, HOA Nazis (just acquired this vocabulary,) and whatever else strikes my fancy…

While I am in a bit of a fiber arts slump lately, I did make a little progress.

Macrame Bracelet with Leather Cord, Josephine’s Knots Design, Glass Beads and Buttons

Macrame Bracelet with Leather Cord, Half Knot Design, Woolly Yarn, Glass Beads and Button

I caught a CROCHET fever and cranked out all these dish clothes, dollies, and hats in a short while.

DD#1 created this hand-sewn and embroidered stuff watermelon for her etsy.com store.

Reversible book bag designed by DD#1 for her etsy.com. These photos really doesn’t do its justice.

This woolly scarve is a lot of FUN to make and wear!

Lacey Shawl In Progress…Though it’s rated “EXPERIENCE” level, it’s rather plain and boring to knit for a long sitting.

The wool afghan has been completely since last Fall. As you see from the latter photo, I am still contemplating what to do with the frail ribbons. Just can’t decide…ANY SUGGESTION from you talented crafters?

One of the Selbu Mittens completed and working on the second mitten’s wrist band. I don’t recommend this project to anyone who doesn’t have a good understanding of a mitten construction. Can you believe people sell these mittens at $120/pair!!

I love to PLAY with this motif, but, am not sure what it transpires…a scarf, a Spring sweater, a table runner, a shawl. Only time will tell…stay tuned.

Remember my pinwheel sweater from months past? I am ready to knit the upper chest and shoulder. This is only the front…progress another time.


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