A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

It has been a whirlwind journey since our return from extended holiday travel. It didn’t mean we haven’t been creating. We are holding up our end of commitment to create daily. Presenting are some of the projects DD#1 and I worked on, finished, or work-in-progress.

This romantic lacey, light-weight wrap is a 3rd one knitted–for myself this time; previous one went to kids’ theater performance coach Ms. Lovely and one in lime green tone to MIL for her birthday in 2006. Do you notice a unusually big hole in this one? I guess I missed a stitch somehow…now, a little darning, it will be as good as new.

Reversible table runner I adore

A quilted leafy table runner with scallop-edge; a terrific compliment to my velvety, cuddly tablecloth (needing finishing fringe which will have to wait for two more weeks.)

DD#1 chose this machine-embroidery for a bag she is making for a good friend whose birthday is in February. She hand-braided a handle for the bag. She is going to take it apart for better sewing and adding an inside pocket or two. I’m very proud of her fashion design and color choices. This bag will be gorgeous when it’s finished.

More Lizard Ridge swatches for a afghan…first swatch is my favorite.

Simply Sweet, full-size hand-applique quilt top…four blocks are done and….ooooh 26 more to go! There will be hearts, butterflies, more flowers, hearts, yo-yo flowers and more. Though time-consuming and tedious, to an extent, it has been a relaxing portable project done by hand.

More bags, designed and sewn by DD#1…she is raising money for Not-Back-to-School Camp and Chatauqua Unschooling Family Retreat this summer.

DD#1, who was 10 then, made the center pearl strand bracelet for me for last Mother’s Day. I added two more strands and a dangling focal bead to complement my favorite bracelet, dear to my heart.

Bracelets, necklaces, and ear-rings for etsy store? Some of these took over 20 hours to make. I’m not confident if these are good enough to sale on etsy as I’ve seen what accomplished artists create on etsy.com…more thoughts on this idea in the next two weeks while we are on the road. What do you think?


Comments on: "Some Knitting…some sewing…some beading" (2)

  1. all the jewelry is gorgeous-put ’em up!!love all the sewn & knit stuff tooo!

  2. They’re beautiful! I haven’t checked to see if you opened an Etsy, yet, but you should! 🙂thanks for stopping by my blog, both of yours are wonderful~sik

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