A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Am I “fingerless” obsessed…yes, I am. I love the versatility of these fingerless mitts. Being as cold as it has been (with at least 6″ of snow covered the ground,) it is wonderful to keep my fingers cozy warm while I am still able to work in (where most part of our home is kept at 53 to 58 degree on days we don’t expect company) and out of the house. What’s more…they are fashionable, trendy…they are IN!

Finally…the Paton’s Classic Merino Blue Teal is appealing to DD#2…could be a taker. If not, it will go to etsy store after completion with either embroidery or embellishment.

Deep Green Fingerless Mitts for etsy…embellishment will be added once thumbs are completed.

So that I don’t get bored or burnt out…I was inspired by Tiffany pattern from Knitty.com. It is a WIP that requires some serious thinking and working out bugs…especially where the thumbs are concerned. I knitted this one in a pair of Skacel size 3 circular needles with Paton’s Classic Merino yarns. The yarns are just too thick for this Nordic pattern and I knitted a tad too tight (with almost no give.) Since this is a sample, I don’t care to frog it at this point. For the real thing, I will definitely choose a sock-type yarn to show off all the intricate details. I love a challenge and this one has been entertaining and keeping me interested.

Do you like the color? Too bright? I love to hear what you think.


Comments on: "A couple of Fingerless Mitts WIP in 2008" (3)

  1. I love these! What a good idea. Got to learn how to knit…

  2. Hi Sarah!LOVE the fingerless mittens! And you are right, they are definitely IN. My college-aged daughter asked for some for Christmas and I couldn’t find any that didn’t look like men’s hunting socks. I finally found some in a kid’s store, but she didn’t like them…. they really looked too kiddie. I love the Tiffany pattern that you’ve done. Now I know what to look for.

  3. I love the bright colors (and the teal, and the dark green ones, lol)

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