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Jingle Jolly to You Part Two

I took a handmade pledge this month but did pretty well for a late bloomer. Featured below are some fabulous handmade gifts–if I must say so:

Machine-embroidered toss pillow for FIL/MIL’s Sunriver home

Holiday Wreath in Picture Frame for FIL/MIL’s Sunriver Home–I really like this frame set with the boots and will make one similar for our home in 2008.

MyFetching Fingerless Mitts in Paton’s Classic Merino Red for 88 year-old Grandma Viola – it was a bit larger than expected but fitted Grandma great! (My preference for thumb gusset is to gradually increase 11 stitches rather than putting 7 stitches to waste yarn after 18 rows as suggested.)

Another pair of vine fingerless mitt for my niece, Denae. Unlike previous vibrant holiday gift knitted for MIL Barb, Denae is OBSESSED with color BLACK…this fits her well and quite fast to whip up.

My first fingerless mitts with partial fingers for Greg M, knitted in Lion Brand Wool Ease. It has been fun knitting individual fingers…dh is more optimistic than ever about getting his toe socks!

This “cute as a button” furry brimmed hat was knitted for DD#2 long while ago, in Lion Brand Homespun yarn…again, she’s just not interested! Now, it’s loved and adored by her dear friend Katherine. Unfortunately, I forgot to take closeup of the hat…the novelty holiday buttons are exceptional!

Another “cute as a button” hat was knitted for DD#1…for unknown reason, she didn’t get around wearing it! Now, it’s time to pass it on…to a 5-year-old little girl Simone who just can’t have enough of pink and purple…what’s there not to like about these buttons!
Here I’m sneaking in a couple non-handmade gifts from Leapin’ Lizards, Paper Jazz, a store next to Burkenstock Store with high-end home decor accessories, Foot Zone, Michaels, and PC Market in Eugene:

DS picked this set especially for his best friend AJ for the holiday season.
We saw this Mary Baker’s inspired votive candle holder at PC Market in Eugene and instantly McKayla came in mind.

This is what Jenn M uses for her cooking now in addition to coconut oil. Imagine this would be well-received for the holiday
Plus mental notes for ones I didn’t take pictures of: handcrafted ultra soft alpaca socks and wool toe socks for dh, a beautifully edged/carved “downhill Skier” slate stone coaster set of 4 with special lazer cut wrought iron holder/stand for FIL, another bag full of Limited Edition glass and crystal beads from Blue Moon and other high-end producers for MIL Mar, T is for Trespass by Sue Grafton for Grandpa Burton, shabby chic French Scroll design desk accessory stand for SIL, a gorgeous high-end limited edition cycling jersey from one of dh’s ex-century rides for SIL’s new beau Steve, alpaca socks and wool toe socks for dh, Designer Full Spa Treatment set for Grandma Bessie, wool socks for Cory and Joel, fold-up to a “Best Friend” round compact brush and a Fiskars 45mm Rotary Cutter w/6X18″ self healing cutting matt for katherine A, designer business card holder for Patrice A, “World’s Top 10” 2006 Winter Certified Premium Extra Virgin Sierra Blend Mistral Organic Apollo Olive Oil–one for Michelle S and one for Bruce A, a nice bottle of Pinot Noir for Mark S., Lego Racer Building set for Ryan S, invisible writing pen and distressed ink set for Chloe S…


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