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Jingle Jolly to You! Part One

Christmas holiday season came and went this year. It wasn’t as much of a struggle to find perfect gifts as in years past as our gift giving list was tone down significantly this year. Instead of buying for everyone on the list, I took the frugal approach. I was told people love getting hand crafted items as gifts. Lets hope so! Here is a glimpse of some of the gifts I created in past few weeks:

Reversible scarves in quilter’s flannels; embellished by hand with light green crystal beaded fringe–designed and sewn especially for MIL and DD#1

DS asked for a santa’s hat just like one I wore for the season…it sure wasn’t easy to find a fitting white for the trim and pompom! I love this so much I will knit it for the whole family in January or February…

I’m on a roll…another reversible scarf in quilter’s flannels; embellished by hand with light green crystal beaded fringe–designed and sewn especially for
the kids’ friend. French toile has been my love since childhood.

Beaded Stitch Markers for
a friend who is totally talented crafter and my inspiration. I do hope she likes these.

OOOH–I’m a sucker for presentation and packaging…adorable snow angel so fitting for our friend!

Fingerless Mitts for our friend Jenn M

I really love this “fitted” pattern…easy to remember and portable…Out of different yarns and colors I knitted, Paton’s Classic Merino RED was the best for this pair! Lucky recipent is the kids’ gymnastic coach, Katie.

Inspired by
Kristin Nicholas’ latest book. I knitted and embroidered this pair for DD#2 but she’s just not interested in accessories! I would wear them but they are too cutsy/girly for an old lady like me…Oh well…maybe one to put in etsy store to be launched in February??

There are more…but this is all I have time for. Definitely much more thought and care was put into gift-making over stuff that’re store-bought. Next year (call it new year’s resolution if you may…), I plan to have a jump start in January to avoid the giftmaking rush.

Stay tuned for our meanderings of creativity discovery when we return from extended holiday travel in 2008!


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