A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

I bet you all are scurrying around getting ready for the big day. Can it really be this time of the year already? It seems so far away all year and then rushes towards me in the end…I blithely go into October thinking it will be a slow couple months and every year I emerge in December exhausted!

It’s still pristine and white outside our windows. It was a busy, snowy Saturday with the whirlwind of holiday activities and project finishing. The girls and their 4H friends presented ragged quilts to Harmoy House residents. I had to come back and share some sparkly fun with you all!!!


It hasn’t been that long ago since my last fabric binge. I am not kidding you when I say I am addicted to fabric and yarn. I honestly get a high from buying them–or any medium relating to craft making. My mind starts to burst BURST with the possibilities. Fabrics come in all incarnations of beautiful, whether they are head turningly gorgeous or subtly rich, pragmatically neutral or dramatically colorful. These are just ends of a continuum of visual and tactile pleasures. Despite kids’ objection, I ventured out to Hancock’s and Joann’s before heading to Sunriver this afternoon. Both places were like a zoo and cutters were going at snail-pace (of course when I am short of time.) More posts of my treasure finds later…(can’t wait to conjure up more holiday gifts!) I don’t know how I’m going to sleep tonight.

DH took the kids sleding after dropping me off at inlaws’. There were 10″ of snow covering their driveway. It was a beautiful winter wonderland. Last time the kids sled in Sunriver was two years ago when we first moved to Oregon. Second time was just as awesome. In fact, our youngest would like to go back tomorrow!

I’ve spent the past several days happily sewing and knitting. Gift making is the best kind of sewing, knitting, and craft making, don’t you think? Surely it would be easier to just buy a gift, right? Where’s the fun in that? (Unfortunately, I still have to do some of that this year…If I start the work with better planning in January, then I won’t have to comes next holiday!) Meanwhile, I have several more to go, but I’m coming up for air, tomorrow is another day. Here’s what I have whipped up in one afternoon. I’m not telling who this is for–you know, just in case.

I have been wanting to make some of these homemade envelop-style bags ever since I saw what my friend has made (this and this) at her blog. Aren’t they fanciful! Here is the original tutorial by Lazy Gal Tonya.

It’s abundantly clear that I didn’t remember all the details when I made mine at my inlaws’ home this afternoon/evening. I did most parts as suggested by the tutorial but added a pocket just like my friend’s–no quilting though. As you see here, I quickly improvised to salvage my mistake (the length was too short.)

I’m not sure this unique button has the right patina for this hand-sewn bag. I hope the love that went into each stitch is evident. I imagine it is much easier and faster to make if done by sewing machine. Nonetheless, I love hand stitching–it’s therapeutic.

Ready to delve into a Sea of your very own Dreams…? I feed my soul with Romance, Poetry and Fairytales, and hope that you will find Inspiration here as well…Go Green!

It’s light and fluffy where we are. All is well until tomorrow!


Comments on: "Gift Making Frenzy- right up to the last minute…" (2)

  1. Sarah, Merry Christmas! You are brave for heading out on a snowy busy day to go shopping. Glad you enjoyed the gift bag tutorial – yours came out really cute. great fabric.

  2. Merry Christmas, Tonya. I vow never to do that again next year! We are doing a craft once again at Mom’s night out so by December, we hope to have all our gifts covered (heehee.) Thanks for the tutorial and kind encouragement. I plan to make more of them after the holiday especially when Xmas fabric will be marked down drastically. It has been fun making it and many ideas came out of the mistake I stumped on to–isn’t craft making grand! Wishing you and your family a joyous holiday and prosperous New Year. Blessings, Sarah

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