A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Swapping Artist Trading Cards (ATC) is a great way to be encouraged to create and make art. There are times when I have an entire afternoon or evening and I may leisurely make ATC Cards. That doesn’t happen very often–like today, this week, or this month of December. Usually I’m doing my artwork on the fly – 10 minutes here, an half hour there. By the time I get my supplies gathered and rummage around in my brain for a creative thought, my time is almost over. I think after the holiday madness, I will make a list of easy and quick ATC ideas that may be mixed and matched with my favorite medium–collage and mixed media collage–and completed in bits of time or in one short sitting.

Nonetheless, sharing here is a couple of the girls’ latest ATC cards made for our 2nd Imagination Tribe trade hosted by a local friend Chloe:

Merry Penguins by DD#2

Happy Holidays by DD#2

More ATCs for this trade were captured and available here at flickr.

Earlier Artist Trading Cards (ATC) post may be viewed here in our other blog.


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